How to install pfSense on Virtualbox or Vmware player – tutorial

Step 14: Reboot the pfSense virtual machine

Click on the Reboot option when appears.

reboot installation

Step 15: pfSense IP addresses

Once the pfSesne gets booted you will receive two IP addresses one is which pfSesne got for WAN access and other is for the local network.

In our case:

WAN: (Adapter 1 of Virtual box)

LAN: (Adapter 2 of Virtual box)

To access the front end or Web interface of pfSesne to configure it. You need to go to the system that connected to the Adapter 2 or LAN (em1) network of the computer/server in which you have installed the pfSense Virtual machine.

pfsense web access IP addresses

Step 16: pfSense default password

In the browser, type, the LAN IP address mentioned on the pfSense booted screen. As soon as you enter it will show https error just add it as an exception and click on the link proceed safely. When the pfSense login screen appears to enter the default password and username type them username: admin and password: pfsense respectively.


Step 17: Follow the guides screen of pfSense firewall

Leave LAN interface IP address as it is… and click on the Next.

pfsense internal network ip address

Update the Admin password when it asks for…

Change the password

Complete the pfSesne setup wizard and Click on the Finish button…

Click on finish to donw

Now the Dashboard of the pfSense will appear from where you can control firewall, VPN, Status, Interfaces, System, Diagnostics…

pfsense virtual done

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