How to install pfSense on Virtualbox or Vmware player – tutorial

If you are using the VMware Workstation then everything from pfSense installation to setup will same except the creating of Virtual Machine on it.

To create a virtual machine on VMware open it and click on the Create a New Virtual Machine option.

Create a Virtual machine

Select the Installed disc Image file (ISO) option and then click on the Browser button and select the downloaded pfSesne ISO image and then click on the Next button.

use the pfsesne ISO image

Type some custom name if you wish to give your pfSense VM and then click on the Next button.

pfSense Vmware virtual machine setup

Click on the Customize Hardware button…

customize hardware

Change the RAM to 1 or 2GB and then click on the ADD button to add one more Network Adapter for pfSense VM. For both, the network adapters select the bridge option and then select the Adapters using the Configure adapter option. As we did for Virtualbox above.

condigure the adapterd of Vmware

In this way, you can use the install, setup and use the pfSense firewall on Virtualbox or Vmware workstation player virtual machine to use it as a commercial, home or office firewall solutions without wasting hardware resources.

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