How to install and uninstall fonts on Windows 10 or older Windows versions

Are you keen to give your documents a unique look! Do you want to get A+, in your college project! There is no doubt, the content, which you are writing plays the domineering role, but the looks are also very important, lest your professor judges the book by its cover. If you are using Microsoft Word, Apache office, or any other word processing software, you must be taking advantage of some great fonts, which come pre-installed with Windows.

But, if you’re looking for some innovative ways to represent your document, with a clean look, you should try downloading new and unique fonts, which can be used for any of your word processing software, or even normal text editors like Notepad or Notepad++.

Downloading and installing fonts on Windows 10 is very easy, and you just need to go through a few steps, in order to start using the latest fonts for all your documentation and writing necessities. The steps involved are, downloading the fonts, installing them, and ultimately starting to use them. Don’t worry, the installation process is going to be complex like installing a piece of the program.


Fonts on the internet

On searching for fonts, on the Internet, it will reveal a number of websites, from where you can get the unique fonts. Most of the fonts are free for personal use, but you might need to get a proper license if you want to use it for your business or other commercial purposes. If the free fonts, which you can find on the Internet cannot blow your mind, you are always welcome to try out some premium fonts, which are completely unique, and you can use them for all kind of purposes, depending upon the license, it comes with.


Downloading and installing fonts

Let’s move on with the process of downloading and installing fonts on your Windows 10 computer. The process is almost same if you want to install fonts on older versions of Windows, like Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.

Step 1: Visit a website, where you can get fonts, in order to download them. There are a number of websites to get fonts, and, are a few websites to name. These two websites came as the first results while searching for fonts on Google. You can also have your own source of fonts, either from other websites, or from your colleagues, but the process of installation is going to be the same for all the cases.

Free fonts download for Windows 10

Step 2: After you download them, you will find a file with the extension “.ttf”, which is the abbreviation of “True Type Font”, used by Windows. Double click on that file to open, and you will see a preview of the font, with some sample text.

fotn installation

Right-click and select the Install option to Install the font on your Windows system.

install fonts on windows 10

Step 3: You also can find the option to install the font from OPEN available on the top menu of the window 10. When clicks on that a drop-down window will pop-up select the Windows Font Viewer option and click on Install.

Windows font viewer

Step 4: You will get a message from User Account Controls or UAC, as it will add new files to a system. Just click on “Yes” or “OK”, to proceed with the process of installation of the font file. After you click on “Install”, a small dialogue box will appear, showing you the progress, and once it disappears, the installation process is complete.

Ensuring proper installation

The font is now installed on your system, and in order to ensure, it is properly installed, open any text editing software, like Notepad, Microsoft Word, or any other program.

Write a text and try to change the default font to the downloaded font, which you have recently downloaded and installed.

If you find the name of the font in the list of fonts, the font is installed properly, and you can use it as long as you can. If you can’t find the same in the list of fonts, try repeating the process, and it will surely work this time.


Uninstalling the fonts

If you want to get rid of the fonts, which you have already installed, the process for that is even easier.

Step 1: Just go to the “Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization and open “Fonts”. On Windows 10, opening Control Panel can be a little tricky, and the easiest way to do that is to go to “Start”, type “cpl”, followed by hitting the enter key.

uninstall fonts on Windows 10

Step 2: If you can’t find “Fonts”, change the “View” to “Large Icons”. After you do that, you can open “Fonts”.

Step 3: Right-click on the font, which you want to delete or uninstall, and click on “Delete”.

Preview, Delete, show or hide fonts installed on your computer

Step 4: A message box will appear, and you have to click on “Yes” to confirm the action of deleting the font.

Hope this tutorial on how to install and uninstall fonts and Windows 10 helped you.



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