How to restore chrome tabs after crash or restart

Crashing of Google Chrome while working is a horrible experience especially when you have multiple tabs opened on your Chrome browser. Chrome crash is not the only reason, also some times we accidentally close or restart the browser or perhaps electricity fluctuation has made your PC restarted; all these scenarios will cause the closure of all opened tabs of Chrome. However, Chrome itself gives an option to restore closed tabs but not always. Well, don’t worry, we have a way to manually restore all the Chrome tabs even the pinned ones using a single click which we are going to discuss here…

So, let’s see how to restore tabs on chrome mac Windows 10/8/7 or Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos and more…)

Restore chrome tabs after a crash or PC restart

Step 1: Open your chrome browser

Open your Google Chrome browser just after you got a crashed or restarted the browser accidentally. If you see the ‘restore‘ blue colour button just after opening the Chrome on the right side of address bar then click on that and it will restore all chrome tabs. In case you didn’t see that button move to the next step.

Note: Don’t start browsing websites immediately after restart or crash on the Chrome because it will remove the possibility of restore session or closed tabs.

Step 2: Customize and Control Google Chrome

Go to the top right side of the Chrome and you will three dots over there.

restore chrome tabs all after crashed

Step 3: Access the History option

As you click on the three dots which are known as Customize and control Google Chrome option, a pop-menu will open. Take your mouse pointer over the History and you will find sub-menus of it will appear.

History to restor google chrome tabs crashed or restart

Step 4: Restore closed tabs in chrome after a restart

When you hover the mouse pointer on history option it will reveal few other options including one which we need to restore the previous session of our Chrome browser.

restore chrome tabs after crash

In the above screenshot, you can see that under the History option, a Recently closed has been given and just under that, all the accidentally closed tabs number is showing. As in our case, before closing the Chrome browser, the 6 tabs were active and the same is showing too. To restore the tabs we have to click on this number and it will restore the previous session including pinned tabs of Chrome.

The Keyboard shortcut to restore closed tabs in chrome is Ctrl+Shift+T.

Note: Restoring of Tabs will not work for the browsing session which was in Incognito mode of Chrome because we know private session doesn’t store by the browser locally.

So, this is the way to restore chrome tabs after a crash or accidentally restart of the browser. This method not only saves a lot of time, energy, bandwidth but also the hassle of opening each closed Chrome tab one by one.

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