How to get Cortana like all-in-one search or something better on all Windows

Searching for things on the internet and on a local system wasn’t a piece of pie before Cortana arrived on Windows 10. From searching for those cute cat videos on YouTube to the group photo of your school get-together 10 years back at an abandoned corner of your hard drive, just type in what you need and let Cortana do the rest. Yes. everything can be done just by the press of the ‘Windows’ button on your keyboard. That was just a slice of the sweet sweet mango. You can even enter a big mathematical expression and let Cortana solve it, everything from the start menu directly.

But the goodness of Cortana is limited only to the Windows 10 users, but if you are using some other platform, there is a solution for you. No, I will not discuss the way to get Cortana, the lady virtual assistant on Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs, but this is going to be more interesting, I swear. Even on closer inspection, you will unveil, Cortana isn’t still the best. Cortana still needs a number of improvements, and whatever command you give to it, is eventually handled by the Microsoft or Cortana servers on the internet. So if you are not having an internet connection, the only thing Cortana can help you is by searching for local files and folders.

And at the end, Cortana resolves everything using Bing, and the search results will be opened in Microsoft’s own Edge, which I personally don’t like. Though there might be tricks to get over the limitation spread on the internet, that isn’t handy for most users.

Steps to install and use Ueli keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS.

So let’s get started with how to get get a Cortana like a search engine to resolve all kinds of searches, and get all other features you like in Cortana.

*Before proceeding, there is something to say. The following tutorial is not going to help you get your job done with voice inputs as Cortana does. So what! Not everyone even uses the voice input feature of Cortana! Let’s get started now.

Step 1: Download Ueli on your computer. The software is completely free to use, and you can even get the source code for Ueli from the internet.

Step 2: Install it. The installer is free from unwanted crapware, and thus, no need to keep a keen eye to keep the bug away from the plate. Installation method is similar to the installation of other Windows programs.

Step 3: Once you are done installing, the Ueli icon will appear in the notification area.

Ueli 1

Step 4: Just right-click on it to click on ‘Ueli’ app in the taskbar and click on ‘Settings’.

Ueli 2

Step 5: In the window that appear, you can configure all the necessary settings of the app.

Ueli keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS.

Step 6: The most notable changes that you can make in the Settings window of Ueli include the hotkey, i.e. the key combination to trigger Ueli, the theme, application folder, the features that you want to enable or disable, viz. File browser, Calculator, Command line, online searches and what not.

Ueli 4

Step 7: Just make the necessary changes. By default, the hotkey to start Ueli is the ‘Alt+Spacebar’ key, but you can always change it to something handier. Just make sure, the key combination is not configured to be used elsewhere for doing other tasks in your system.

Ueli 5

Step 8: To make Ueli search for things faster on your system, the search functionality is limited only to the user folder. You can though add more useful folders to search for your files at the flick of your eye. Make sure you don’t add your complete hard drive, as that might end up overwhelming Ueli search.

Ueli 6

Step 9: Depending on the search engines you generally use, you can configure Ueli to search for things only on your preferred search engines.

Ueli 7

Step 10: Just click on the ‘Plus’ button when and where available to add new elements to each of the features like new search engines, new folders for searches, etc.

There are a plethora of other things that you can configure in Ueli to make it act like your personal assistant. Some features require an internet connection, which is quite obvious, where there is plenty of other features that you can use offline. Ueli is no doubt a cool piece of program for your Windows computer.

Ueli is super light and it will not hog your system resources even after offering you a set of cool functionalities I discussed above.

Ueli can be used only on 64-bit systems, which is a little drawback, else Ueli is really a helpful piece of tool you won’t regret using.

Hope the small information was helpful for you. Did you face any kind of problems? Feel free to comment it down below.

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