How to Use Moto z Play Fingerprint Sensor Home Button For Navigation

The Motorola Moto Z Play home button is not just a fingerprint sensor, you can enable and use it as Navigation button. The Moto z Play Fingerprint cum home button can perform multiple tasks such Swipe left to back, Swipe right to get recent apps, home/unlock screen when it press and lock the screen when press hold.

Moto Z Play fingerprint sensor as home button

This feature of Motorola is known as Motorola One Button Nav. It eliminates the on-screen navigation buttons and you will get a full-screen view of your phone’s display. In this way, the Motorola has provided both functionalities of on-screen navigation as well as single hardware button to use as a fingerprint sensor and navigation pad. Now it’s on the user what he likes to use.

Here, in this tutorial, we will let you know how to enable the Motorola One Button Nav functionality in Moto Z Play.


Step 1:  Go to the Menu and open the Moto app.

Moto app to enable one button nav


Step 2: Under the Moto App, you will find three options Moto Actions, Moto Display and Moto Voice. Select the Moto Actions then One button nav option and slide the toggle button to turn-on the Moto z Play Fingerprint navigation.

one button navigation moto z


Once you enable the Moto z Play fingerprint gestures, the on-screen navigation button will hide and you can enjoy the full-screen view without any distraction elements. Personally, I really don’t like the on-screen navigation buttons and while reviewing the Moto Z play the experience provided by the fingerprint gestures was fabulous.

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