Why mobile phones heating up and draining battery? How to solve this problem?

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more popular. But after bursting of the Samsung phone because of overheating everyone is very concerned about the of mobile phones while using them. As a kind of electronic products, it is obviously unrealistic to say that it is completely uncomfortable to completely suppress the heating effect of smartphones, but we still have some tips and ways to keep the smartphone from overheating in everyday use. Let’s take a look at how the phone start heating? And how to solve the problem of mobile phone heating?

Why mobile phones heating up and draining battery. How to solve this problem

First, let’s discuss the cause of Why mobile phone start getting hot?

Because of battery power, we can run heavy programs on a phone that cause high CPU load and internal component heating.

1. When the mobile phone number strength is -75dBm, the signal strength becomes very poor. In order to ensure normal mobile phone communication, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power. The mobile phone power is large, and the mobile phone heat is also greater.

2. Multiple background applications run together, causing the CPU to be overloaded. The current thermal effect generated by the CPU can be imagined, and the theme, background, and screen saver are all used by the power users, causing the mobile phone to heat up. Especially in the case of navigation, games, and video running; also while using serious apps like games or watching videos few things like GPS navigation, Bluetooth, wifi or hotspots left by the user ON and running in the background can cause heating up of mobile phone and fast draining of the battery.

3. When the user uses the mobile phone to access the Internet and the data transmission is large, the power consumption is larger, the CPU usage rate is also increased, and the heat generation is large.

4. The power consumption of the mobile phone when talking for a long time or using audio and video is very large the battery has a small equivalent load resistance, but large current discharge during operations. After the battery is discharged, the internal resistance increases. However, the current required for the operation of the mobile phone cannot be reduced. Then, a considerable part of the energy is consumed on the internal resistance of the battery, causing the battery to heat up. So, we shouldn’t put a heavy load on the phone when its battery is low.

5. Because people are used to holding the phone by hand, causing the phone to not dissipate heat. Using the phone for a long time and poor heat dissipation can cause the phone to heat up.

6. Using a non-original charger to charge, causing the phone to heat, such a charger lacks a protection circuit, can not guarantee the stability of the current when charging, and easy to burn the battery, shorten the battery life, and even the danger of explosion.

7. While charging the phones people have a habit to play games, make a phone call or surfing the internet.  Actually, when the battery is charging its temperature is high as compared to the normal conditions. If the phone is hot because of charging and at the same time covered by some thick mobile phone case and above that, you hold it on your hand then it will ultimately lead to rising in the temperature and can cause the overheating of the mobile phone.

8. The phone’s own hardware or battery failure will also cause hot, but generally, this type of situation is less.


Effects of Mobile phones overheating

If the phone is abnormally hot, if it is not handled in time, it is easy to cause the following problems:

1) The most direct is to damage the battery and reduce the battery life.

2) Damage to other mobile phone hardware, the most extreme case of mobile phone explosion, injury to the person.

3) It may cause system disorder such as glitches, hanging, open the application automatically, and so on.


How to Cool down Mobile phone overheating?

After an abnormal fever occurs, depending on your environment and the specific application you are opening, you can use the following method:

1) If you getting above mentioned conditions then opt the physical cooling. Put the phone in the air outlet of the air conditioner, or throw it into the refrigerator to cool down urgently. After the temperature is lowered, it will not harm the phone itself, then check the power-consuming apps and turn them off.

2) When it is very hot, turn it off immediately. After shutting down, it is equivalent to killing all the programs, and then turning on the power after the temperature has dropped.

3) When the trend of heating is relatively large, you can turn off GPS positioning, wifi, Bluetooth, and even direct flight mode. Or take a break after playing the game for a long time.

4) If you have other conditions, or if you have unplugged the charging cable, removed the phone case still it hot, let the phone rest.


Reasons for mobile phone battery heating

Damage to the phone battery is an important cause of heating in the phone. With the mass production of mobile phones, the quality is also uneven. Especially the mobile phone battery is a problem that plagues people. Moreover, nowadays almost all phone’s batteries are sealed inside the metal body and we also can’t remove them which can cause the heating problem sometimes. If your mobile phone has two batteries, then look for another battery to see if it is still hot. If it is no longer hot, it means that the battery is a problem. If it is still hot, please see the second method.

Solution to heat caused by running the program: Today’s smartphones can run applications that were previously only available on the computer, but some of the inherent flaws in the phone can cause us annoyance, which is results heating problem. If you open too many applications, then the load on the mobile CPU will be high and the heat will be very large. The solution is to close some large programs that are running, and other programs that are not used should be closed. If the mobile phone is still hot in this way, please perform the below-given tips.

1. When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, the heat does not exceed 50 °C. It is normal. When the phone is very hot, remove the battery back cover and force heat dissipation. But in the case of mobile phones those batteries can’ t be removed, please switch off such phones until the high temperature cool down.

2. It is best to use the original charger, and it is best not to play the phone while charging.

3. Develop a good habit exit the application and close them after using; do not press the home button to exit the program, because of that the programs are still running in the background and cause CPU overload, battery drainage, and heating. You can use also use some third-party apps to close the background apps forcefully.

4. If the battery is charged for too long, the battery will be damaged and heat will be generated. The normal charging time of the mobile phone is 3-5 hours.

5. If the mobile phone battery is charging and its normal for a mobile phone to get a little hot, but if it starts exceeding the 50 °C,  immediately return to the standby state or use the replacement battery. If it is charging, immediately unplug the charger.

6. Often do the use of Phone booster apps those usually turn off some unused function switches, such as WIFI, GPS, automatic synchronization, etc. Putting the phone on automatic mode to adjust the screen brightness or manually set the brightness level to low, will greatly reduce battery consumption and stress >> Best Battery & Phone cooler apps for Android smartphone

Solution for internal component damage: If you are using the above two methods, the phone is still very hot, then you should consider the problem of internal component damage. If your mobile phone is still under warranty, you can take your mobile phone to the merchant to request warranty or exchange; if your mobile phone has passed the warranty period, then you need to pay for the repair.


How to prevent the abnormal overheating of the phone

Mobile phones are used for phone calls, games, chats, etc. It is impossible not to use them because afraid of heat. What we can do is to pay more attention to matters that can improve this situation and reduce the cause of overheating. It can only be said to be improvement. To be thorough, it only relies on the improvement of the functional performance by the mobile phone manufacturers.

1) You can disable the mobile background automatic update program, or icloud background upload and download. Because these may cause unclear heating.

2) Try not to play with the phone while charging.

3) If you bring a new mobile phone case, the material selection is important. If you can, you don’t need a mobile phone case. When you use your mobile phone every day, you should develop good habits to handle it with care to avoid fall and bump.

4) If you do phone calling or long time online game or navigation then give some time gap in between. so that phone can cool down itself.


Mobile phone power consumption situation and solution

The power consumption of mobile phones has always been the heart disease of mobile phone users. It is simply a blue sky when you use the mobile phone continuously for playing and playing. Then there is no way to solve the problem of mobile phone power consumption? However, it can be as long as you concentrate on the following points.

Case 1: The mobile phone has virtual power

The meaning of virtual power in the mobile phone is that it displays the full power state when you turn it on, but after you turn it off, you connect it to the charger and find that the power display is only about 80%.

The Android system generally determines the battery power based on the battery voltage. The voltage has two recognition modes.

One is software identification, that is, the amount of power displayed on the phone after you boot into the system; the other is hardware identification, that is, the amount of power displayed by the phone when it is shutdown mode and you connect the charger.

Usually, the software identification is higher than the voltage recognized by the hardware. Therefore, when we turn on the power, it will display full power. When the charger is connected to the power supply, it is found that it is actually only 80% or lower. Want to be full? Still, have to continue to charge for a long time!

In fact, we often do not fully charge the mobile phone, wasting part of the battery capacity, naturally, it will feel that the power is falling fast!


First check if your phone has virtual power: fully charged when booting, then turn off the power and connect to the charger to see if it is fully charged. If there is virtual power, then turn it off and charge to get the best performance.

Case 2: Too many background programs, CPU power consumption increases

This old-fashioned question can be ignored. The Android machine is not so good. Once the program exits, it will automatically run in the background. And in the case of mobile phones generally, these background programs are often the biggest culprit in power consumption.

There are also screen brightness, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. of the mobile phone itself, as well as other settings can set can cause the high drainage of battery. So, take them in your consideration while using the phone.


1. Regularly clean the background of the mobile phone to solve the unnecessary program to increase the CPU power consumption. >> Best Free Boost and Cache cleaner Apps For Android Mobile

2. The screen brightness of the mobile phone is turned down. When not in use, turn off the wifi, Bluetooth, etc., turn off the button sound, low the vibration and other power settings.

3. If you recently, getting battery drainage problem then think about whether you have installed any new program recently, first uninstall it, and see if the power consumption of the mobile phone is back to normal. Many of the small programs that we have neglected actually consume a lot of power!

Case 3: Battery aging

Most of today’s smartphones use lithium batteries, and the average life of lithium batteries is 2-3 years. After 400-500 times of charging and discharging, it will accelerate the aging speed and become more and more flimsy.

If we use the mobile phone battery incorrectly every day, it will easily cause the battery to age and the battery life will decrease.


Proper use of the mobile phone battery is the way to extend battery life.

The question to be solved now is, how do we judge whether the mobile phone battery is aging?

1. If the battery has been in use for a year or so, you can use the usual habits, the phone is fully charged, and the power consumption is also fast, it is likely to have begun to age.

2. Check to see if the battery starts getting swell. If the swollen has happened, it means that it is not just aging, but the battery is no longer usable. For safety reasons, change the battery quickly.

3. After the phone has been used for a period of time, the battery body has been hot all the time, so change the battery as soon as possible.

Situation 4: Improper Usage

In order to obtain ROOT authority or other various factors, many newbies to get extra functionality temper the OS of a smartphone as soon as they get them. But we found that mobile phones are prone to various problems after rooting, especially the power consumption will increase rapidly, which really a troublesome!

In some case, if the rooting is not down in a proper way resulting in a program error and the power consumption will naturally speed up!


Majorly unlocking the systems may have some defects more or less, unable to call some of the programs on the mobile phone hardware, and then these programs will be tried repeatedly.

At this time, it is best to find someone to help re-flash, and bring back it to the original system or the official ROM system, and then manage the system boot and self-start software, you can solve it perfectly.

Case 5: Short circuit and leakage of mobile phone motherboard

For those who are familiar with mobile phone hardware, you can manually remove it to see if the motherboard of the mobile phone is in poor contact with a certain chip capacitor, resulting in a short circuit, causing the phone to heat up, and then check to see if there is any leakage.

Of course, this must be done by professionals, and it is more difficult for the average person to do it.


Get the mobile phone after-sales service point to test, or go to some regular mobile phone repair shop, let the professional test it for you, determine the problem to get the right medicine for your phone.


Mobile phone power consumption can also reduce by following methods

Don’t let the battery run out

The mobile phone battery is fully charged and then consumed, so cycle to avoid the “memory effect.” In fact, this method is only applicable to nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen batteries, not to lithium batteries. Most of the current smart phones use lithium batteries. However, in order to extend battery life and protect battery health, we suggest the users should fully charge the phone before the battery is exhausted.

Targeting settings

When users use mobile phones, some (location-based service) LBS-based applications often track the user’s location, which also increases power consumption. Although the power consumption is increased, these application users often need to use and the tracking location enables the application to better serve the user. At this time, the user can find the corresponding application in “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Location Service”, and set its allowed access location information to “Use application period”, so that when the application is not used, save a lot of power. Of course, if you don’t need the location service for this app at all, you can set it to “never”.

Better use of WiFi networks

Under normal circumstances, users want to be online 24/7, the mobile internet network is undoubtedly a good choice, but at the same time it means faster power consumption, especially when the mobile phone signal in the user’s area is not good, the mobile phone will search frequently. Carrier signals increase power consumption. At this time, if possible use the WiFi network, in this way the phone does not need to search for signals frequently.

However, the user needs to remember that when leaving the WiFi hotspot, the user can turn off the WiFi connection. In general, it is to let the mobile phone stay in a stable network, without having to search for signals frequently, the mobile phone can save more power.

Proper use of flight mode

Similar to the situation mentioned above, there is no mobile phone or WiFi signal in the subway, such as the high-speed rail, because the mobile phone will continue to search for connections and the power consumption increases. The user can set the phone to flight mode before returning to the signaled location. In addition, turning ON the flight mode before going to bed is also a good way to save power.

Low energy mode

If there is no chargeable condition at hand and you want the phone to save power as much as possible, you can consider turning on the low-power mode of the phone. Taking the iPhone as an example, when the battery is only 20% and 10%, the phone will automatically remind the user to turn on the low energy mode.

Low battery mode will temporarily reduce power consumption until your phone is fully charged. When this mode is turned on, see acquisition, background application refresh and the automatic download will be disabled, and some visual effects will be weakened or turned off. When the iPhone is charged to 80% capacity, the low power mode will automatically turn off.


Now, no matter which mobile phone you are using right now. As long as you know how to manage the consumption of power; the user if want can optimize it. iPhone users can use the “Battery” option to get an overview of the applications that used the most power in the past 24 hours and the past week.

Android users can also choose the “Battery” option too, which will display a battery usage graph since the last charge and a list of apps that use the most power. In this way, you can find out your battery usage habits and the apps those consume a lot of battery.