An exclusive interview with Mr Srini Vemula, the founder and CEO –, a US-based I5 smart learning platform for kids, making headways in the Indian edtech from Fremont, Silicon Valley, the USA with a Global Delivery & Support from Hyderabad, India. It has a team behind with 25+ years of education and technology experience and a strong belief that “math+ data + AI thinking” with {Coding}- art & intelligence supported by “I5 Smart Learning”. Currently a team of 50+, is looking at students across KG, middle -higher secondary grades, to cultivate data thinking and coding abilities amongst school kids. It also combines gaming with active learning and coding – a personalized learning capsule.

To learn more about this smart learning platform, we have an exclusive interview with the mind behind the iGebra and also the founder Mr. Srini Vemula. Have a glimpse of it…

An exclusive interview with Mr Srini Vemula the founder and CEO

1) What was your key driving force to become a math++ Guru?

Though I was an engineer, I have taught math to students for over six years and discovered its beauty and power. As the world is becoming more digital with data and AI-centric, I see people with math+data+AI thinking (math++) skills have the wings to explore and play a great role in almost all fields in the coming years. So, I prioritized my passion, the purpose to empower kids around the world with math++ at an early age.


2) How do you envision the future for kids?

I envision that kids can create a better world and future for themselves if we empower them with Curiosity and confidence..! Encouraging them to see the connections of math + Data + AI can prepare them for many uncertainties of future changes.


3) How math, data, and ai are related?

Math is all about numbers, relations and it helps each one of us to understand the basic life needs such as home loan rates, insurance premiums, purchase discounts. Math also helps us to model engineering to advanced scientific and computing models.

As we see the world through the eyes of Data, math plays a significant role in analyzing the data, understanding how things are working with average fashion or central tendency. Also, it helps in understanding how the Data is varied around the central tendency, the probabilities of those variations.

To do advanced analysis or AI, like predicting the future house prices or oil prices, weather predictions, we can harness a lot of data, combining them with high computing power and mathematical algorithms.

This way math, data, and AI are well connected across all domains of business and science.


4) Why is learning data and AI thinking important for kids?

As math has strong connections to data and AI thinking, waiting to enhance these skills when they enroll in college will not make them fluent in applying data and AI to solve practical problems. Learning Data and AI thinking at an early age, especially combined with math, will give kids an edge in finding solutions to many problems in the world.


5) How do you differentiate from other learning platforms?

 {} is a teacher-centric online global Ed-tech company uniquely focusing on math++ (math + data + Ai thinking). Whereas other Ed-tech companies are focusing on traditional math along with other subjects.

We also inspire kids with curiosity and joy by immersing them in a creative algorithmic thinking program called {iPi}RobArt where kids build creative, algorithmic mathematical art.


6) How important is it for kids to have fun while learning?

 Current generation kids are overloaded with information. They need learning to be interesting and joyful so that they are immersed in learning. It acts as a rewarding system and motivates them to focus and learn. That’s where interactive and visual learning aids are getting popular in online teaching. You might remember English Poet John Keats said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”


7) How would you define your organization’s culture?

We are building a unique Global Edtech organization with a diverse and collaborative culture. Everyone has the opportunity to be their own better selves inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. All our team members as partners, not employees. We don’t believe in shortcuts, rather we strive to create a long-lasting value for kids with math++ so that parents have an assurance of their kid’s future.