Interaction with Mr Sheshgiri Kamath, Co-founder & CEO, Kapture CRM

The internet has transformed the way business is done. Online marketplaces are reinventing customer experiences. The faster network speeds at lower rates and increased smartphone sales have helped boost India’s 90 million shoppers’ e-commerce market. With the rise in consumer interactions across various platforms, these e-commerce giants are on a mission to deliver the best online experience to their customers. A CRM has never been more crucial in any industry before due to the reliance on awesome customer service as a key differentiator.

Kapture CRM, a Cloud-Based SaaS Customer Relationship Management Software for enterprise-grade.

Kapture focus on sales and customer service automation for mid to large size companies. Currently, they are focused on industries like E-commerce, Internet companies, Real estate, Hotel, Travel, Cruise Line, Airlines, Pharma and Medical Equipment sales.

Mr Sheshgiri Kamath, Co-founder & CEO, Kapture CRM
Mr Sheshgiri Kamath, Co-founder & CEO, Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM was a part of the 3rd Google launchpad accelerator program. In 5 years, currently deployed by 500+ enterprise customers worldwide across 12 countries. Its unified dashboard with 100+ ready-to-use APIs provides an omnichannel solution for Service with a facility of 500+ reporting formats.

To know more about the company and its vision lets’ see the thoughts of Mr Sheshgiri Kamath, Co-founder & CEO, Kapture CRM.




  • How was the journey from an offline marketing automation platform to Kapture CRM?

Well, as we embarked on the offline marketing automation journey, we realised that there is a gap between marketing and sales teams when it comes to reporting of leads, campaign performance and conversions. Many times sales and marketing teams work independently and real-time status gets lost. That’s how we thought of creating a platform that gives quick access to lead conversion, status and thought of building a hybrid platform between marketing and sales.

  • How does it feel to offer CRM to a handful of most renowned companies across the globe?

We are proud of our customer portfolio and are always looking towards giving better value propositions to our clients in terms of reporting and analytics. Our customers have played a key role in shaping our product and making it more future-ready.

  • What made you venture out in CRM and SaaS?

Global SaaS market is poised to grow to $157 billion this year. Companies of any size need a CRM to run their business if they are planning to scale at a certain pace and we wanted to give our customers a new age platform that’s quick to implement and integrate with other platforms. We were pretty sure of making a difference to the existing CRM platforms and that’s how we ventured into it

  • How important do you find the relation between CRM and a decent SaaS platform, which is likely to replace the present way of computing?

SaaS is bigger than this. Its paradigm has grown in recent years and businesses realize it’s potential. Think of it as an application or program that you run and configure online without installing any software. Just signup, configure and see only those things that you want to see and matter to you the most.

CRM as a SaaS platform is a web-based, low-maintenance, subscription-based model that has changed the way we used to look at CRMs.

  • What are the challenges of building a CRM platform, and how you and your team deal with the challenges that come every day?

Getting the right blend of resources and skills in a city which has a large number of startups and IT companies and tech giants do get challenging.

Also, any new customer takes some time getting adjusted to a new platform so we have a dedicated implementation team to help them out. Our teams are deeply involved at the time of implementation therefore there is no gap between what has been promised and what gets delivered to our clients.

  • What strategies do you follow to always be ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd?

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors. They will be the first to tell you if your product has any gaps. You just need to pay attention to it.

We are quick in identifying any gaps which our customers feel can be bridged by our system and we get to it. We also have a dedicated product research team that comes up with new ideas to make the product better.

  • What is the role of R&D in helping your company carry out the operations and build such a feature-rich CRM platform?

As mentioned, we have a team of young and energetic people who look into product advancement and feature enhancement.

  • Do you have any plans to move out of India, and have your presence in other countries, besides the USA and Singapore?

Yes, we do actually. We are opening our next international office in the Philippines.

  • Are you looking forward to venturing out in other domains and expand your business?

We are currently strengthening our service CRM and adding more elements of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning in chat and reporting.

  • How important is, having a decent CRM like Kapture CRM, in building a customer base, and in dealing with customers?

I believe having a decent system that helps you manage your day-to-day business activities is crucial. Look at it this way, when an intelligent system helps you manage your entire business, you get more time to stay focused, you tend to make smarter business decisions.

Building a customer base is the most important thing. I think your customers tell you best what to do and how your product can help them better. Kapture helps customers resolve issues faster, make the customers happy ‘cause they don’t have to wait for too long for resolutions.

  • Do you have any tips that you want to give to those who want to start up their own business?

Staying focused is one of the key tips. Be clear about your product and create case studies of how it helps your customers achieve their end result. Take advice from experts and absorb everything that you can.

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