Interview with Mr. Sagar M Verma, Co-Founder – Myhealthadvisor is India’s online Healthcare product aggregator. They are specialized in making comparative analyses of Healthcare products. The basis for the comparison is price, quality, ratings, and key benefits. aims to use the knowledge and best in class technology to reduce cost and to add convenience in making available healthcare products and other useful products with high quality. Apart from this, to know more about the company, its plans, and how it’s changing people’s experiences; recently we have an interaction with the Co-founder of Myhealthadvisor- Mr. Sagar M Verma.

Sagar M Verma Co Founder at Myhealthadvisor
Mr. Sagar M Verma, Co-Founder at Myhealthadvisor with Team

How do you see the future of health tech?

If I had one word to describe the future of the health tech industry, I’d say it is bright. The health tech sector is currently undergoing some major and important changes, whether it’s related to smart reporting, online consultation, reliance, or virtual care delivery, the health tech is moving towards personalization of offers, and the nimble and consumer-focused health tech innovators have begun to fill this gap, enabling a path towards the future of health tech across the world.

The pandemic has shifted the gears for health tech, which reflects on the projected growth for the sector. Amid the crisis, the Indian healthcare tech industry is growing at a CAGR of 39% to become a $5 billion industry by 2023, as per the IAMAI-Praxis report. At the moment, the report suggests that the industry stands at $1.9 billion, which is just a tiny fraction of the overall Indian healthcare market. The innovation in technology and an ongoing pandemic are some of the biggest forces in uplifting the state of the Health Tech sector across the world, and in the years to come, it’ll only get better.

The health tech space is not yet fully explored, and hence, a lot of new technologies can be seen being innovated to meet the need of various areas such as inspection of result area, use of machines, enhancing result accuracies, improving the medical work environment, and most importantly to serve patients.


How do you stay informed with current healthcare advancements?

As India’s fastest-growing technology-driven healthcare product aggregator, we have to stay up to date on the latest changes/upgrades in the technologies to ensure that we provide only the most standard, globally recognized, and verified services to our customers. To stay informed, we regularly attend summits, seminars, webinars, open meetings with tech innovators and related operations to discuss the change in the course of the health tech industry. While reading papers and studies have certain advantages, we can only be ahead if we are amongst the people at the forefront of bringing the change. Hence, socializing with the right people is our first and foremost approach to stay abreast with the current healthcare advancements.


Tell me about yourself and how you realized you wanted to be a healthcare tech provider?

I have been working for the healthcare industry for over 7 years now, and you’ll be surprised to know that through these years, I have seen a variety of customers who have been misrepresented and offered poor quality services. From 2014 till the 1st wave of the pandemic, I have worked with/for many organizations, most of them startups. I explored the various facets of the industry during these years, and I found that every one of them struggled to help, support the customers after lead generation, with one or more issues such as their reports, doctor consultation, or payment handling.

Another thing that influenced me to start my own venture, My Health Advisor, was that people are uninformed about the quality and accuracy of the tests offered by laboratories and that they’d pick any lab without even verifying. Especially since the pandemic’s beginning, these laboratories are getting richer and richer on the customer’s hard-earned money while the customers are denied top-tier facilities and accurate results.

I wanted to bridge this gap of knowledge and wanted to ensure that anyone who is looking for any laboratory service makes a well-informed choice and is not robbed of their money. Hence, I started the company to help both the customers and laboratories by creating a common platform and named it after the life and soul of the healthcare industry who advise and assist, MyHealthAdvisor, “Apka Apna Swasth Salahkar, Apka Apna Swasth Salahkar”.


What kind of care does an elderly client need?

Senior citizens require extra attention, whatever be the situation, and when it comes to sampling collection, we ensure that we go that extra mile so that they feel comfortable and are not hurt in any manner. We just follow the one thumb rule that elderlies, either healthy or with special needs, are treated by experienced professionals who can not only guide them properly but also look after their health advisory needs.

For example, during sample collection, if the professional is unable to prick and take a sample in the first go, then we send a highly trained professional who knows what they’re doing to cause minimum discomfort to our elderly customers. It is all about the care and guidance that we can offer, and we have seen that this has helped us gain customer loyalty and over 37% repeat service orders.


Why did you choose to work in the health care sector?

In 2014, when I joined as an operation manager in one of the known startups, my focus was only on driving sales for the company, but when I started to understand the industry then only I got to know that what I have so far learned is just a tiny minuscule of what is actually happening in the pathology industry.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this phrase totally explains the changing dynamics of the health tech industry. From 2010, the sector has observed major changes like increased online booking, a rise in home collections services, sample collection booths, and whatnot. And now, with the pandemic, there is a steep rise in the industry as people are more aware of their health and are willing to spend to ensure safety.

I chose to work in the health care sector because I very early realized that it is like the food industry, will never go out of business, but midway through COVID-19, my perspective changed when I saw people being thugged of their rights, and so now with my venture, I can take measures to bring the changes I want to see in the industry.

Have you already been faced with a patient who did not communicate or disclose important information? How did you manage the situation, and what was the outcome?

The best of health care services can only be provided when all sorts of details are transparently shared without any hesitation. Before starting any sort of relationship with our customers, we make it clear to them that we’ll only be able to provide them with the best of services if they are open and vocal about their issues. While saying this, we ensure that our customers are aware that their information is completely confidential and safe with our team, and it will be in any way used anywhere without their consent. Our professionals are trained to not only focus on getting as much information as possible but also comfort our customers as we progress with the procedure. If such issues still persist, our sample collectors/phlebotomies visit the customer’s home to guide them properly, satisfy them and resolve their doubts or queries.


Tell me about your experience with a patient who required a lot of your time. How did you take care of this patient and still provided your other patients with adequate care?

If you are working in the healthcare industry, this is one of the most common scenarios you can experience. Certain patients are very particular about each and every report, whereas a lot of patients do not require as much attention. In such a situation, our approach is to ensure that the person who is in some fix gets what he wants to his satisfaction. We have a team of customer service experts, and they take on the case on priority to solve it such that our other customers do not get any delayed service. We believe that each and every customer is essential, and hence, we do not differentiate while providing them with the service we promised them.



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