“Pandemic boosted the tech sector massively”- Abhishek Lamba, Marketing Manager at Nexstgo India Limited

Established in 2016, Nexstgo Company Limited is co-founded by Mr. Wilson Leung, CEO, Alco Holdings Limited , and Mr. Alex Chung out of a shared passion and pursuit of quality tech-innovation. Nexstgo is growing steadily in the Asia Pacific region. In August 2016, its Hong Kong headquarters and Taiwan Design Centre were set up to kick off preparation for the regional business. It owns the American consumer electronics brand AVITA.

In an interaction with Abhishek Lamba, Marketing Manager at Nexstgo India Limited, we tried to understand more about the company and industry…  

“Abhishek Lamba is a 27-year-young, passionate, exuberant, dynamic marketing professional who strives to revolutionise the technology segment with his acumen and fortitude. Abhishek’s endeavours and rapport in the

Mr Abhishek Lamba Marketing Manager Nexstgo Limited
Mr Abhishek Lamba Marketing Manager Nexstgo Limited

sector precedes his name. With a rich experience in the field, he has accomplished quite a lot in the industry including making significant strides across verticals including Business Development, Operational Excellence, Sales and Distribution, Revenue Sustainability etc.

His career is replete with several milestones and achievements. He also revived the plummeting operations division in ABSA AQUA Pvt Ltd. He liaisoned with the Government and other regulatory authorities like UPSIDC, Small-Scale Industrial office, Pollution Board, FSSAI, ISO, etc.”





Will Retail Online Market take over the Retail Offline market in the near future?

Offline Retail market has been the backbone of every industry and has always been contributing a major share of sales for the brands. Offline Retail brings about the element of experience and still possesses a lot of potentials as customers still prefer to have hands-on experience with the product to make the final buying decision. With laptops widely loved by consumers in India, both online and offline channels are crucial for sales.

Brands constantly have strategic collaborations with e-retailers and channel partners such as Amazon, Flipkart, also are more inclined towards the opening exclusive brand stores to provide the direct look and feel of the products to the consumers. Looking at the current trends, obviously online marketing is at its peak, but the penetration and reach of the offline market are more than online. So there has always been a balance between the two, but having said that offline retails will always have an edge over the online retail business.


What new marketing innovations and advancements are you looking forward to in 2021?

There is always a huge interest of businesses and marketers in new marketing trends and innovation, as innovation in marketing and technology can help marketers identify new opportunities that agile businesses. Brands today majorly focus on improving customer reach via digital channels, increasing digital engagement for the target audience, and better management of digital marketing.

Looking at the current scenario, trends, and apprehensions of the customers to step out of their homes, the major focus of the brands would be towards maximum visibility through digital channels. Keeping in consideration, our target audience for AVITA the Gen Z, our marcomm is structured to address the requirements of the millennials and will eventually help us have a better market share with regards to the competition around.


How has pandemic affected the industry

The unprecedented times called for a new way of living, and the pandemic boosted the tech sector massively, with work-from-home being the new normal. This new work culture eventually upsurged the requirements of gadgets such as laptops, not only for working professionals but also for students as the laptop is a basic requirement for their online education and virtual lectures. Post-COVID, we are anticipating the sector to keep growing at a higher pace as it is aiding us to adapt to the new way of life and reinstate a new work and study culture that shows how geographical factors are no more a barrier for one to work, study or sustain themselves from any corner of the world.


Future Plans for VAIO and AVITA in India

There is a rising demand for our laptop products that support the increasingly virtual working and learning the lifestyle of the users, people start to realize laptop is a necessity especially under this ongoing new normal environment, which contributes a 10X sales growth compared to last year.

Looking at the current trend and upsurge in demand for laptops our plan is to expand more into both online and offline channels to make the products more accessible to the customers and add value to their lives with the aim to capture maximum share in the category. We expect to further bring more technologically advanced and updated products for our users in the coming five years.