Transport Mall: A Social commerce platform for commercial vehicle owners

Transport Mall App is a one-stop solution for any commercial vehicle owner to fulfill their needs related to commercial vehicles and their business needs. It will run Transport TV giving all the latest news, providing access to Transport Helpline and a Quote for Insurance Policy in 15 minutes.

As we talked to Moninder Singh, Founder & CEO of Transport Mall he tells us that Information is the real glue for their platform to attract Commercial Vehicle Owners millions. Excerpts from the interview:

Transport Mall A Social commerce platform for commercial vehicle owners

1)  Tell us more about Transport Mall? What services do you provide to commercial vehicle owners?

Transport Mall is India’s first social commerce platform for commercial vehicle owners. It helps bridge the gap that CVOs face in the industry by providing relevant and reliable information to them through Transport TV, safe and quick motor insurance for their vehicles, a network of safe-to-eat Dhabas in 12 different states, and a unique TV helpline for providing guidance & resolutions to various trade-related issues.

Trucks, buses, cabs, and 3-wheelers make up the majority of commercial vehicles in India. But due to the fragmented nature of the industry, Commercial Vehicle Owners (CVOs) suffer from low business margins in spite of the fact that they consume products & services worth USD 120 Billion annually in India alone. Transport Mall as a platform promises to plug these holes and improve the ease of doing business and profitability of CVOs.


2) How does the platform stay ahead of its competition? What does it bring to the table that others don’t?

As a marketplace for Commercial Vehicle Owners we don’t have any direct competition but yes category wise we compete with traditional channels of sales like agents or offline retailers. Our primary edge over the competition is the relationship and trust we have developed with CVOs through Transport TV, in addition to better pricing and convenience. Moreover, Transport Mall is being developed as a one-stop shop that will offer all services and products that are required by commercial vehicle owners in India.


3) Tell us about your YouTube channel: what kind of content do you upload and how is it beneficial to commercial vehicle owners?

Our first digital product, Transport TV started as a YouTube Channel in 2018 and since then it has gone on to become the largest dedicated media channel for the CVO community. It is available on major social media platforms apart from Transport Mall App and there are basically two types of content we publish. One is the content related to Government policies; rules & regulations related to Transport Sector. And the second type of content is highlighting the problems they face on daily basis like delays in unloading, corruption, trade-related disputes, and so on.


4) Do you have any plans to raise funds? How do you intend to put it to use?

As a matter of fact, yes, we are in the process of raising a Pre-Series A round of investment and some of the biggest venture funds in the country have shown interest. And even up till now, we consider ourselves to be really fortunate for raising capital and working with a great set of angel investors.