Download Spotify Deb packages to install on Ubuntu, Debian & Linux Mint

We already have done a tutorial where we have shown the process of installing Spotify using snap packages including via graphical user interface of the “Ubuntu Software” app.

Here we are going to use the Debian package method. This means first we download the Spotify Deb package from its official website and then will install it using the command terminal package installer. This tutorial will work on all Debian-based operating systems including Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Elementary, Ubuntu, and others…

So, first, open your browser and go to Spotify’s official repository package download page.  Here is the link. Click on the latest version amd64 package, to confirm see the date given corresponding to each Spotify Deb file.

Downlaod Spotify Debian file package

Now, open the command terminal and follow the below commands…

Switch to Downloads directory because what we download from the browser goes into that

cd Downloads

Check out the files


Run the commands to install Spotify Debian packages

sudo apt install ./spotify-client_*_amd64.deb

That’s it everything is set, go to the application and run your music application.

Install Spotify Debian packages

How to uninstall Spotify Linux

Later if you want to remove its packages then simply run the command:

sudo apt remove spotify-client


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