Forgot Your Linux Mint password- Here is a way to recover it.

Just like Ubuntu Linux distros, resetting passwords on Linux Mint is the same, you have to use the advance boot option to perform the job. Using this we can even change or reset the root password or some other users as well. Just what you have to do is, restart your Linux PC or laptop in recovery mode and follow the steps given in this article to change the password.

Linux Mint is quite easy to use distro, however, if don’t remember your current password then just like any other operating system, it won’t let you log in. However, as there is no option to recover the current password of your Linux root and other users. Thus, the only option left with us is resetting it manually using the command line. Well, don’t worry, even if you are a Linux beginner, the steps to do that are really a piece of cake.

Steps to Reset Linux Mint 20.1 or 19.3 Password

  1. Open Linux Mint Advance or GNU GRUB boot menu

If you no longer know which password you have set for your Linux Mint computer then to change go to the Advance boot menu. For that, turn off your computer and start it again. And meanwhile, press the “Shift” key and hold it until you see the GNU GRUB boot menu.

Open Linux Mint Grub Boot Menu


  1. Edit Boot Menu

As you find yourself in the Linux Mint Grub menu, at the bottom, there will be a couple of information. One of them showing the way to open Options. Thus, press the e key on your keyboard to perform editing of GNU Grub.

  1. Add rw init=/bin/bash

Now, you will see a couple of lines that helps your system to boot properly, don’t edit any of the given lines. Just use the keyboard arrow keys and go to the line that starts with Linux.

And at the end of ro quiet splash add a line – rw init=/bin/bash as shown in the below screenshot. After that simply press the F10 key or Ctrl+X from your keyboard to boot the system.

Edit Mint Grub Menu

  1. Boot into Linux Mint recovery mode

As you boot your Linux Mint, this time you will see the root shell prompt, and from here we can perform various system recovery tasks including resetting passwords.

  1. Reset root or other sudo user password

If you are familiar with the command line, then you would already know what to do to change the password. However, if not then simply type

passwd username

Replace the username with the user on your Linux that password you want to reset. For example, if it is the root, then the command will be-

passwd root

Enter password two times. Once done, you will get a message “password updated successfully”.  To get back to your normal system boot simply press- Ctrl+Alt+Del or type-


Reset Linux Mint root or other username password



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