How to install and use Rocky Linux Docker container

Rocky Linux is a good alternative to CentOS 8, based on RHEL code. Thus, if you are planning to test it then you can create and install the Rocky Linux image in a Docker container using the commands given here.

Docker is a platform that allows running virtual containers with different pre-configured images available on the Docker hub. Although the user can create its own app image to use in a container, however, Docker’s repository is vast, thus he/she would have most of the applications there. In the same way, the official developers of Rocky Linux also provide their Linux operating system container image on the Docker Hub. Let’ see how to access the same.

Install Rocky Linux Docker Image

1. Setup Docker

The first thing you need to have on your Windows, macOS, or Linux is the Docker setup, so as per your operating system install the Docker Engine and then start with other steps given in this article.


2. Pull Rocky Linux Image

Now, using the Docker CLI tool, run the pull command that will fetch the required Rocky Linux image from the Docker Hub.

docker pull rockylinux/rockylinux

By default, it uses the latest tag, thus the image will be the latest available version of the OS.


3. Check the available docker images

Let’s see whether the downloaded image is on our system or not. For that run-

docker images

docker images command to check


4. Create Rocky Linux Container

Finally, we have the image and now we can create as many containers running with Rocky Linux. Here is the command to create one.

docker run -it --name rocky -d rockylinux/rockylinux

In the above command:

--name rocky is the name of the container we want to create.

rockylinux/rockylinux is the name of the image we have downloaded

-d is the option to run the container in the background.

To check what are the containers already running on your system, we can use:

docker ps

Check Docker running rocky linux contianers


5. Connect to the container command line

Now, we have the Rocky Linux container running in the background, let’s connect to its command for issuing commands.

docker exec -it --user root rocky /bin/bash

Although we have mentioned the particular user in the above command, however, even if you haven’t, by default it will connect with using the root user only.

Rocky Linux image on Docker Container min


6. Set root password

If you want to set a root password for the Rocky Linux container then after connecting its command line using the above step, just type:

dnf install passwd

Enter the new password two times and you are done.

Those who are interesting to manage Containers using a graphical user interface can see our article- How to install Kitematic GUI on Rocky Linux.

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