How to install FirewallD GUI on Rocky Linux 8 | Almalinux 8

Here in this article, we learned the simple steps and commands to install a graphical user interface (GUI) to manage FirewallD on either Alamlinux or Rocky Linux 8. However, the steps are the same for CentOS, Redhat, Oracle Linux, and other RPM-based distros.

FirewallD is a command-line tool to provide a system firewall feature to protect Linux unwanted access by disabling and enabling ports and services access to outside or local networks. However, if you are using a Graphical interface user then the command line may seem a little bit difficult to use. Therefore, to make things easy we can use GUI tools available to manage FirewallD such as one from firewall-config or Plasma firewall

Steps to install Graphical user Interface for FirewallD on Alamlinux or Rocky Linux 8

1. Run system update

If you have not updated your system for a while, then first run the system update command before going further. It will not only update the already installed packages but also refresh the system repository cache.

sudo dnf update


2. Install firewallD on Rocky or Almalinux 8

If you don’t have firewalld already on your system then we have to install it. To confirm whether it is there on not run:

sudo firewall-cmd --version

The above command will print the current version of FirewallD installed on your system.

If you get command not found, then install it:

sudo dnf install firewalld -y


3. Start and enable service

After the installation process, also start and enable the firewall service to run in the background.

sudo systemctl start firewalld
sudo systecmtl enable firewalld

To check the status:

sudo systemctl status firewall


3. Install FirewallD GUI for Alamlinux or Rocky Linux 8

Once you are assured the firewall is on your system and running properly, install the graphical user interface program for it. The packages we required of it are already in the Default AppStream repo of both Alamlinux and Rocky Linux 8.

sudo dnf install firewall-config -y

Install FirewallD GUI for Alamlinux or Rocky Linux 8

————-If you are using KDE Desktop————

Plasma KDE control panel for FirewallD

Those who are using KDE desktop on their Almalinux or Rocky can also go for the Plasma Control panel.

sudo dnf install plasma-firewall-firewalld



4. Run GUI for FirewallD

As you are done with the installation of your favorite GUI, you can start managing the ports and service in Firewall with the help of mouse clicks.

Go to the Application launcher and find the FirewallD you have installed. Here is the screenshot:

FirewallD GUI on Rocky Linux 8 Almalinux 8


5. Uninstallation or Remove

In the future, if you don’t want to this firewall GUI tool anymore, we can remove the same using the DNF package manager:

sudo dnf remove firewall-config

firewall config uninstall Rocky linux


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