How to install Opera browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Opera browser for Linux will be one of the best choices after Mozilla Firefox to use on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS because of its speed, interface, and easy to install method, which we discuss here.

Although almost all Linux operating systems come with open-source Mozilla Firefox as a default browser, however, if you are not happy with it then try out Opera. It is not only one of the oldest ones but quite popular during its peak time. The developers behind it also offer a dedicated gaming browser called Opera GX.

Two ways to install Opera browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

We can install and setup Opera on Ubuntu 201.04, 20.04, 18.04, or earlier versions including Linux Mint, Debian Elementary OS, Zorin, MX Linux, Deepin, and other similar operating systems in two ways. One is by downloading the Opera Deb package and the other is direct via the SNAP command.

#First method to install Opera using SNAP packages

Open command terminal

If you are on Ubuntu then, we can open the command terminal using a keyboard shortcut i.e Ctrl+Alt+T.  Whereas on other Linux systems, simply go to the All Applications area and search for it.

Install Snap on Deb Linux

Although on Ubuntu 20.04 and in its previous versions, SNAP comes by default, however, in case if you don’t have it then here is the command to install.

sudo apt install snapd

Note: On Linux Mint, first we need to delete a file that restricts us from installing SNAP- Here is the tutroial- Install SNAP on Linux Mint 20


Command to install Opera on Ubuntu 20.04

Well, the SNAP command to download and install Opera on Linux is not only applicable for Ubuntu or Debian sysems. Being a Universal packlage amanger, we can use it for CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE, and on others.

sudo snap install opera


Run Opera for Linux

Once the installation is completed. Go to Show Applications and seach for it. As the icon of the browser appears, click to run it.

Download and install opera browser on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux


#Second Method using Opera Debian packages 

If you want to install the browser but not with SNAP package amanager then we can do it by downlaidng its package directly from the offical website of Oepra.


Visit Opera Website

Open Opera website in your existing system browser and visit its offcial website. Scroll download and find the package available for Linux systems. Then click on the Download button to get .deb file of Opera Linux.

Opera Linux packages install


Install .Deb file

As whatever we download on Linux using a browser, go to Downloads folder, thus first we switch to that and then will run the installation command.

cd Downloads
sudo apt install ./opera-stable*amd64.deb

install opera linux debian file package


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