How to Install Pop OS in Virtualbox Virtual Machine

Do you want to try out Pop!_OS on Linux distro on Virtualbox virtual machine then here are the steps to follow…

Pop OS is the Linux Distro meant for Desktop & Laptop users, it is based on Ubuntu, thus with every latest version of Ubuntu, you will see a corresponding change in Pop OS versions as well. To let users easily install the open-source application via a graphical user interface, it comes with the App Center of Elementary OS. As compared to Ubuntu, the performance of Pop OS is snappy.

Here we will see the steps to easily install Pop OS on VirtualBox, to use and learn it without actually installing it on our physical PC or laptop.

Pop OS Linux installation on VirtualBox Virtual Machine

As VirtualBox is a cross-platform solution than the steps given here for the installation of Pop!_OS will be the same for Windows, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD.

System Requirements to install Pop OS

  • 2GB RAM
  • Intel or AMD 64-bit CPU
  • At least 2.19 GB of free hard disk, recommended 10 to 20 GB if you are planning to install applications on it
  • If you have NVIDIA GPU then to install its driver and the OS itself, we will need at least 2.50 of free storage space on our system hard drive.

1. Download Pop OS ISO

The first thing which we need is the ISO file of the Pop OS that is available on the official website of this Linux distro. Here is the link to that –… Visit the page and click on the Download button.

2. Install VirtualBox

I am assuming that you already have VirtualBox installed on your system. However, if not then go to and download it as per your OS. On Windows, the installation is simple however for the latest versions of Ubuntu the users can run the command – sudo apt install virtualbox


3. Create a Virtual Machine for Pop OS

  • Run VirtualBox
  • Click on the New Button.
  • Type Name- Pop OS
  • Select OS type – Linux and version Ubuntu 64-bit
    Create POP OS virtual MAhcine on VirtualBox
  • Set RAM for the OS, as it needs 2GB or more, thus we are setting that amount.
    Set Virtual Memory for POP OS
  • Create Hard disk 
  • Select Hard disk file type VDI and then Dynamically allocated 
  • Set 20 GB Virtual Hard disk storage size, you can use more as per your requirement.Storage Virtual Disk file type Set hard disk space for POP OS linux distro

4. Set Pop OS ISO as a bootable medium

Step 1. After creating a Virtual machine, you will see Pop!_OS VM on the left side of VirtualBox. Select it and then click on the Settings.

Settings POP OS VM

Step 2. Click on the Storage Setting and then on the Empty CD icon. After that on the extreme right under Attributes, you will see a CD icon, click that and select “Choose/Create a Virtual Optical Drive“.

Add ISO file as CD disc

Step 3: Select the Add button and the system File explorer will get opened. Select the downloaded POP ISO file.

Add Pop OS ISO file on VirtualBox

Step 4: Now, select the added ISO file that will show under the area meant for it. Select it and then press the Choose button.

Select the addedd ISO file POP OS

Step 5: The empty CD icon now will show the pop-os iso file. To save the changes click on the OK button.

Save the select ISO file on VirtualBox

5. Power On Virtual Machine

Now, click on the Start button to Power ON the created Pop OS virtual machine.

Start the Pop OS virtual machine

6. Install Pop OS Linux distro on VirtualBox

Once the machine is get started, we can use the Live Pop OS without actually installing it. However, if you want to install then click on the Activities and select Install Pop!_OS icon.


Step 1: Select the language and Choose Keyboard Layout

Select language

Step 2: Clean Installation

Clean Install

Step 3: Select VBOX hard disk.

Virtual Hardisk

After that follow the installation wizard and let the system install the POPOS. You can skip the Disk encryption.

7. Eject or Unmount ISO file

  • Once the installation is done, click on the Devices->Optical Derives-> Uncheck pop_os iso file.
  • Hit the Force Unmount
  • Click on the Machine option in the menu and select Reset.

Eject ISo and restart VM

8. Create User on Pop OS

After restarting the Virtual machine, wait for a few seconds and a Welcome setup wizard will open. Go through that and you will get a User creating option.

User create on Pop OS

9. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Step 1: To let the Pop OS properly adapt the screen size and other things such as host to the guest clipboard, we need to install virtual guest additions on Pop OS. For that click on the Devices option given in the Virtual Box’s menu and select “Install Guest Additions CD image

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Step 2: In a few seconds, you will see a pop-up, click on the Run, and then enter your User password.

RUn Guest Additons

Step 3: Once the Installation is completed Restart your system.

Finally, restart your virtual machine and you will have full-fledged Pop OS Linux distribution running on VirtualBox.

Install Pop OS Linux on VirtualBox Step by step


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