How to install Tor Browser in Elementary OS Linux distro

Elementary OS Linux distro is popular for its attractive Pantheon interface and beginner-friendliness. However, out of the box, you will not find many applications that actually you would need in your day-to-day computing need. Nevertheless, it is also good because there would not be unnecessary application clutter on your OS; only those will be there, you really want to install. Thus, in case you want to browse internet websites but with a high level of privacy and anonymity,  install Tor Browser on Elementary.

Install Tor Browser on Elementary OS with GUI method

The best thing is for installing Tor browser on Elementary Linux distro we don’t need to use a single command. All can be done using the graphical user interface via APP Center. Let’s see how to do this…

1. Open Elementary AppCenter

On the Elementary’s Dock, there will be an icon for AppCenter, click to open it.

Elementary OS Appcenter

2. Search and Install Tor Browser settings

In the right side given search box, at the top, type Tor. In the appeared result, you will see an app will be called “Tor Browser launcher settings“. Click on the Free button given in front of it to install.

Tor browser launcher settings

3. Download Tor browser

Now, go to Applications and search Tor, you will see two similar icons there, however, click on the Tor launcher settings one.

Download Tor browser for Elementary

Click on the “Install Tor Browser” button and wait for the setup to download, install, and verify the TOR browser packages on your Elementary OS.

Start the Downloading files Instalaltion process TOR

4. Run this Secure browser

Although the browser will start automatically, if not, then, again in the Applications of Elementary search for the Tor and this time select the “Tor Browser” instead of the launcher.

Verified signature

Click on Connect, this will select the secure network settings to connect the browser to the internet so that we can surf securely and privately.

Connect Tor browser Tor browser installed successfully on Elementary OS Tor settings

This was the quickest way to install and setup Tor browser on this macOS clone Linux distro, if you are facing any problem let us know, perhaps we could help you out.



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