How to install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 LTS

Learn the simple steps to enable Tor Network and install Tor Browser on the Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 LTS Linux versions using the command line terminal.

Tor Browser that is based on Firefox is best known for its privacy and Tor network integration features. It is free & open-source and can be used to surf and chat anonymously on the Internet so that we can protect our privacy, data and remain clandestine over the web. It is possible because while exchanging the data, it uses a random overlay network that consists of thousands of relays. Moreover, the forwarded data traffic will also be in encrypted form, thus it becomes impossible to identify the source where the request was generated, hence, you leave no trace while using the Tor network. That is why people also use the “Tor Browser” to access websites available on the Darknet.

Users can manually set the security level and whether they want to use the Tor Network or not because while it the speed of accessing the web will be decreased. Also, JavaScripts and HTML5 media are deactivated by default.

Steps to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 /18.04 LTS

Apart from using the below commands on Ubuntu, the users can use the same for Linux Mint 20, Elementary OS, Kali Linux, Debian, and other similar Linux distros.

Open Command terminal and update system

I always recommend my readers to run a system update command before installing some applications. Because it not only update the already installed packages of the system but also rebuilds the repository cache so that our system could fetch and install the latest packages.

sudo apt udpate

Install Tor Browser launcher

There is a pre-build application called Tor browser Launcher which meant to download and verify the signature for the browser. The good thing is to get this we don’t need to add any third-party repository on our Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 LTS. Just run the below command.

sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

Run Tor Launcher

Once the above command is completed, go to All Applications and search for “Tor“. You will see two icons, click on the Tor Launcher one.

TOR launcher


You can also type the below command in your terminal.


This will open a window, click on the “Install Tor browser” button.

Wait for a few minutes, it will verify the key and also download the browser to install on your system.

Torbrowser launcher min Downloading To browser min


In case you have tried some other method before this tutorial and getting a SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FAILED error then remove the launcher and also the tor-browser cache using the below commands and then follow the steps given above.

sudo apt-get purge tor torbrowser-launcher
rm -r ~/.config/torbrowser ~/.cache/torbrowser ~/.local/share/torbrowser

If you still getting errors after performing all the methods then try this one- Install portable Tor Browser on Ubuntu.

Launch Tor Browser on your Ubuntu 20.04

Although the browser will start automatically, yet you can start it from the Applications using its icon or by typing torbrowser-launcher  in the command terminal.

  • Click on the Connect
  • The browser will start establishing a connection to the Tor network.

Connect min Connecting to TOR netwrok and bridge min To browser linux install Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 min Tor browser settings min


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