How to install WSJT-X on Linux Mint using APT or Flatpak

WSJT-X is an open-source software suite for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is used for weak-signal radio communications and is popular among amateur radio operators. To perform several modes of operation, WSJT-X includes programs such as JT65, JT9, FT8, and WSPR.

-FT8: Fast digital mode for communicating over long distances on the HF bands.
-JT65: A mode for long distances on the VHF and UHF bands.
-JT9: Like JT65 but with a higher data rate for less noise.
-WSPR: It automatically reports the station’s received signal strength to a central database, allowing the operator to see who is hearing his signals and where they are located.

These modes are designed for making contact with stations operating with low power and located in distant or difficult-to-reach locations, typically using frequencies below 30 MHz.

This software application was developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT, and is supported by a large and active community of users.

Here in this article, we learn two ways to install WSJT-X on Linux Mint using the command terminal.

Install Using the APT package manager

The first way to set up the WSJT-X is using the APT package manager of Linux Mint. As the latest package of this radio communication software is available through the system repository, we don’t need to look elsewhere.

  1. Open the Linux Mint command terminal; you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ALT+T.
  1. Run the system update command that will rebuild the APT package index cache. Here is the command to do that:
sudo apt update
  1. Check for the available version of WSJT-X available on Linux Mint:
sudo apt-cache policy wsjtx
  1. To install WSJT-X on Linux Mint, run the given command. It will download the required packages and dependencies to install them on your system.
sudo apt install wsjtx
  1. Run the WSJT-X to confirm it is working without producing any errors. For that, click on the Linux Mint start button. And go to the search box available. TYPE WSJT, and you will see the software icon. Click it to start and use this amateur weak-signal radio communication program.
WSJTX installation on Linux Mint

Installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint using Flatpack

Those who don’t want to use the APT package manager or, for any reason, are unable to use it can go for Flatpak. The best part is like APT; it is available on the latest versions of Linux Mint. Hence, let’s start with its commands.

  1. Access the command terminal and type the Flatpak command to install WSJT-X.
flatpak install flathub edu.princeton.physics.WSJTX
  1. Wait for some time, and the software will be on your Linux Mint system.
  1. To run it, we can use either command given below or directly access the application from the Start menu of Mint.
flatpak run edu.princeton.physics.WSJTX


Depending on which method you have used to install the WSJT-X go for the uninstallation commands.

  • For APT users:
sudo apt remove wsjtx
  • For Flatpak users:
flatpak remove edu.princeton.physics.WSJTX

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