How to install Skype on Almalinux 8 using terminal

Tutorial to learn the steps for installing Skype on AlmaLinux 8 using command terminal for Instant messaging. 

Skype is Microsoft’s voice-over-IP messenger which can be used for internet voice call free of charge and instant messaging functions and data transfer. Video call is also possible.  Here are a few common functions we get in Skype:

Voice-over-IP: VoIP or internet telephony allows you to make phone calls over the internet or other computer networks. This helps users to save money.

Messenger: Just like WhatsApp, we can also use Skype as a Messenger to have conversations on the internet.

Video-call:  Apart from simple chat, if the webcam is switched on, a video call can be done. A microphone or headset is also required to send voice recordings at the same time.

Data transfer:  Like most of the modern messengers, data such as pictures, videos, music, or others can be sent. The recipient confirms receipt and downloads the file onto their own computer.

Skype is generally free to use, but there are certain features that may incur charges. If you access these, you will be warned beforehand by Skype that you are using paid functions.

Your Skype account includes downloading Video and voice calls worldwide within the Internet (to other Skype users); instant messages and data transmission are free-to-use features. Whereas Calls to mobile or landline; Sending SMS and Video group calls with up to 10 participants are paid.

Steps to install Skype for Linux on AlmaLinux 8

The steps are given here can be used for other Redhat-based Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Fedora, Oracle Linux, and others…

1. Add Skype Repository

Like any other proprietary software, Skype messenger is also not available to install using the default system repository of Almalinux 8. For that, we have to add the official repo supplied by its developers of RHEL Linux. Just open your system’s terminal and execute the following command:

sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/skype-stable.repo<<EOF
name=Skype - STABLE


2. Update AlmaLinux 8

Once you have added the repository using the previous step then run the system update command. This will refresh the DNF package manager cache, so that system could recognize the newly added repository.

sudo dnf update


3. Install Skype Messenger on Almalinux 8

Now our Linux system is ready to download and install Skype using the DNF package manager. Just like any other regular open-source application. For that use the given command:

sudo dnf install skypeforlinux

Install Skype Messenger on Rocky Linux 8


4. Run Microsoft Messenger

Once the installation of Skype for Linux is completed, we can run this messenger application either using a terminal or application launcher. Here we will show you both.

Via Terminal

If you want to run Skype messenger using the terminal then execute the command:


this will launch the application directly from your terminal. However, as you close the terminal, this will also close the messenger as well. To solve this you can use

skype &

Using ampersand sing after the command will run the app in the background and free your terminal for any other use.

via Application launcher:

The best way is to click on the Activities option given in the Taskbar and search for this installed application. As its icon appears, click to run the same.


5. How to update or upgrade

As we have used the official repository of Skype to install it. Hence, future updates for the applications can be easily downloaded and installed using the system update command i.e

sudo dnf update --refresh


6. Uninstall or Remove Skype

Those who didn’t like Skype and want to remove it from AlmaLinux 8 can go for the command given below. This will be the same as the installation one, however, with the “remove” parameter.

sudo dnf remove skypeforlinux

To remove the added skype repository as well:

sudo rm /etc/yum.repos.d/skype*.repo

Note: If you have removed the repository as well, then in the future for installing the skype you have to add it again.


Ending note:

This was the simple way to not only install Skype on Almalinux 8 but also to update and remove the same. Skype is a free but widely used application professionally, however, its popularity among the users slowly decreasing because of other applications such as Zoom. You can learn- How to install Zoom on Almalinux 8 if you want.


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