Install Stremio Streaming App on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy

Learn the commands to install the Stremio desktop app on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish Linux using the command terminal for streaming online videos. 

Stremio is an open-source application that is available for all popular platforms including Ubuntu  20.04 Linux or its previous versions. The below-given commands will be the same for Linux Mint, Elementary OS, DeepinOS, Zorin OS & Debian as well. The project is available on GitHub for users to download or create an add-on for it. Different add-ons created by the Stremio community allow it to stream online video, music, movies, and the website from various sources such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Torrent, Hotstar, etc.

Setps to install Stremio on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux

The steps given here can be used on other Linux based on this Linux such as POP_OS 22.04, Linux Mint, Elementary, and others.

1. Update Ubuntu 22.04

If you haven’t updated your system for a while then before following this tutorial once the run the system update command, here is the one to follow:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


2. Download Stremio Linux App

Although Stremio is open-source software, it is not available to install using the default package repository of Ubuntu. Hence, we have to manually download the executable binary of the program available on its official website of it. Open the browser and then visit the Stremio Download page.

There click on the Debian/Ubuntu version.

Download Stremio for Linux 2


3. Install Stremio on Ubuntu 22.04

Next, go back to your command terminal and first switch to the Downloads directory. Whatever we download from the browser, goes into that.

cd Downloads

Now, use the APT package manager to install this open-source Stremio streaming application on Ubuntu 22.04

sudo apt install ./stremio*amd64.deb

If you get a dependencies error, then run:

sudo apt install -f


sudo apt --fix-broken install


In case the above command didn’t solve the issue of dependency and you are still getting an error of –

“libfdk-acc1 ( >=0.1.5)  but it is not installable” then run below two commands:


sudo apt install ./libfdk-aac1_*_amd64.deb
sudo apt --fix-broken install

Now, again run the installation command that is:

sudo apt install ./stremio*amd64.deb

Install Stremio on Ubuntu 22.04


4. Start the Streaming App

Go to Ubuntu 22.04 application launcher and there search for this Stremio streaming application. As its icon appears click to run the same.

Start Stremion app on Ubuntu

Note: After starting the Stremio if you are not getting any response or it doesn’t launch then move to the next step.


5. Solve Stremio: error while loading shared libraries:

Go to your terminal and type – stremio

If you get another error – Stremio: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Then to solve it, we need to download two more packages manually, here is that.

sudo dpkg -i libssl1.1_1.1.1-1ubuntu2.1~18.04.20_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i libfdk-aac1_0.1.6-1_amd64.deb

Run update and start the App again, this time you will be able to start it.

sudo apt update


6: Sign Up

Sign up either using the Email ID or Facebook profile.

Sign up stremio

Install Stremio Streaming App on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy


7. Install Add-ons

To add different sources for videos to stream we need to add Add-ons available on the Stremio app. After completing the installation, click on the three icons given on the top right side and select Add-ons.Install Add ons Stremio

Select the category you want the related add-ons to be added to. Scroll and click on the green color Install button. You can add the one, that source you want to use, or just install all if you are not sure what add-ons you need.

Enable Add ons for streaming torrent app


Now go to the Home of the Stremio app and either search or select the movie or series you want to watch. A couple of sources will appear from where you can play that particular media you want. However, some of them would be slow while others fast. Therefore, you have to check and play them one by one. Once the playback started you can enjoy it.

Furthermore, we can use the external player and open subtitles as well.


8. Uninstall or Remove

Those who are facing any problem in using the Stremio app on Ubuntu 22.04 and want to completely remove the application can use the given command.

sudo apt autoremove --purge stremio


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  1. Hey, April 2023 I get an unsupported file error re: sudo apt install ./stremio*amd64.deb

    installed the libs. Icon is in the task/start menu. click it nothing happens. I’m on linux 20.04 LTS Lenovo. Ty!


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