Linux 5.8 sets a new record with a total of 17,595 new code contributions (commits). Anyone expecting major changes from this will be disappointed. The new version is characterized above all by the abundance of small improvements that come together here.

The highlights include driver improvements, such as expanded support for the GPU of Intel Tiger Lake processors. Open-source drivers are now available for the Qualcomm Adreno 405, 640, and 650 graphics chips. New for the AMDGPU driver is the support of “Trusted Memory Zones” for encrypted videos. The Radeon driver should now deal better with heat problems.

Furthermore, AMD’s Zen / Zen2 architecture now correctly detects energy sensors. Temperature monitoring is now supported for the Renoir CPUs (Ryzen 4000). Brand new is the possibility to boot systems with Power10 processor with Linux.

The exFat driver has been revised once again. For ARM64 systems, there were structural improvements with the Branch Target Identification and the Shadow Call Stacks, which should make attacks against such systems more difficult. The kernel concurrency sanitizer is relevant for the security of all architectures and is also intended to intercept certain problems. There is also a new notification system for kernel events and inline encryption support in the block layer.

See a message from Linus Torvalds

Download the Latest Linux 5.8 Kernel

Go to the official kernel website and select the Linux 5.8 to download the Kernel archive.

How to install latest Linux kernel on Ubuntu

Those are interested to install and test the latest kernel versions on Ubuntu before actually the developers pushed that to your system then see the tutorial: Steps to install latest kernel version on Ubuntu Linux