How to Download and Install Slack App for Linux OS

How to Download and Install Slack App for Linux OS min

Are you a Linux user that’s been wanting to try out Slack? Or are you already a developer who loves Slack and wants to use the app on your Linux machine? Either way, Slack is a satisfactory collaboration software choice for many professionals. It enables …

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How to install Docker on AlmaLinux 9 Linux?

start and enable docker service

We have covered the installation steps for setting up Docker packages on Almalinux 9 using the command terminal in this tutorial. Almalinux 9 is the latest server Linux distro based on RedHat code. We can easily configure Docker on Almalinux 9 to run container service. …

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How to install Docker on AlmaLinux 8

install and setup Docker Container on AlmaLinux 8 min

Docker is not a new term, this virtualization platform is popular for its ability to run applications in Containers. We can build and communicate containers with one another.  Here we learn how to install the Docker CE platform on AlmaLinux 8 to create containerized virtual …

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How to install Dotnet in AlmaLinux 8

install Dotnet in AlmaLinux 8

Learn the commands to install .Net Framework and runtime on AlmaLinux 8 using terminal and DNF package manager. .NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform from Microsoft that can be used to create and run programs for Windows. The software is pronounced “dot-net framework”. …

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How to install Lighttpd on AlmaLinux 8

Install Lighttpd on AlmaLinux 8

Let’s learn the simple and quick steps to install the Lighttpd web server on AlmaLinux 8 using the command terminal. The long-established Apache is one of the most popular web servers in the world. But there are now several web servers that can hold a …

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How to install Skype on Almalinux 8 using terminal

Skype for Linux on Almalinux 8

Tutorial to learn the steps for installing Skype on AlmaLinux 8 using command terminal for Instant messaging.  Skype is Microsoft’s voice-over-IP messenger which can be used for internet voice call free of charge and instant messaging functions and data transfer. Video call is also possible.  …

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