How to install Cinnamon Desktop on AlmaLinux 8 server

Install Cinnamon on Almalinux 8

Do you want to install the Cinnamon Desktop environment on AlmaLinux 8 CLI server or desktop? Then here are the commands to follow. Cinnamon Desktop environment is one of the popular UIs because of its mid-weight and familiar Windows-like User Interface. Cinnamon is visually more …

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Install CentOS 7 Linux Minimal Server with Cinnamon GUI

Install Cinnamon GUI CentOS 7 Linux min

Have just installed CentOS 7 Minimal Server? And want GUI -Graphical user interface then start with Cinnamon a mid-weight Linux desktop environment. If you have installed the full CentOS 7 then you already have the GNOME desktop as GUI, however, minimal ISO will run on …

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