2 ways to install BalenaEtcher on Linux Mint

Installing BalenaEtcher on Linux Mint

BalenaEtcher is a simple software designed to create bootable USB drives using GUI. In this article, we will discuss the steps for Linux Mint users to install or use BalenaEtcher as portable software. This software is free and open source, hence its source code can …

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How to Install Google Web Designer on Ubuntu Linux

Install Google Web Designer on Ubuntu Linux

Looking to start building your videos, images, and HTML5 ads using Google Web Designer on Linux such as Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04 or any other version then the steps of this tutorial will help you a lot in setting up Google”s web designing application in a …

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10 Most Popular Linux Distros of the Year 2023

Most Popular Linux Distros of 2023

2023 is about to end, and lots of new things have happened this year around the open-source Linux distros. The diversity and richness of available Linux distros continue to hold the desktop users, developers, and system administrators by providing innovative features, security, and customization. But …

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Installing MariaDB on Amazon Linux 2023

Install MariaDB 10.05 on Amazon Linux 2023

MariaDB is the fork of the popular MySQL Database management system that can be easily installed on Amazon Linux 2023 using the default repositories. It is also open source and almost all server Linux distros made it available readily for users because MariaDB has gained …

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How to install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2023

install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2023

Python is now a widely used programming language in various fields including Machine learning and AI. It is a versatile language known for its clarity and readability. Despite the latest versions of the programming language developers often need to work on some old software that …

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2 Ways to start Docker Container automatically on Boot in Linux

Start Enable Docker Container Service

Containerization is not a new technology anymore, millions of apps using it and in this, Docker has played quite an essential role in providing a platform for managing and deploying Conatiner-based applications. Developers can use Docker to create custom application images with all dependencies required …

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How to install AWS Toolkit on Linux for IntelliJ IDEA

Insstall AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA

AWS ToolKit is a set of Tools offered by Amazon Web services that allows developers to interact with its various services from their development environments. For example, we can integrate AWS Toolkit in popular IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode, or PyCharm. This helps developers …

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