Snap on Linux- Installation, update and delete commands

Snaps universal package manager for Linux

What is a snap? Snap has been introduced as a package management method by Canonical developers, the people behind the popular Ubuntu Linux systems.  We can install and use the SNAP on various types of Linux distros such as Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Elementary, Debian, Linux …

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How to install Google Chrome in RHEL 9 / 8 Linux

Install Google Chrome Redhat 9 or 8

Want to install the popular Mozilla Firefox alternative Google Chrome browser in Redhat 9 or RHEL 8? Then there here are the steps to follow, given in the tutorial. Chromium-based Chrome browser is the most preferred choice for home or regular desktop users. It is …

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What do we need to Install Docker on RHEL 8?

Install Docker on Redhat 8

If you are wondering is Docker supported on RHEL? Then the answer is YES. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 does support this container-based service. Although Podman is a popular alternative to this, users can still manually install Docker.  In this article, we learn the steps …

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Download Amazon Linux 2 to install on VirtualBox

Amazon Linux 2 Boot menu1

We already have RHEL-based operating systems to install on a virtual machine, such as CetnOS, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux. However, if you are an Amazon cloud User, then you would like to use Amazon Machine Linux Image (AMI) on your local virtual machine created on …

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How to install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux

Install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux Redhat ubuntu or Debian

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and out-of-the-box browser for Windows 10 latest versions is also available for Linux users as well. Therefore, it is a cross-platform browser application that is not available for desktop users but also for smartphones. Here we let you know how …

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Reset CentOS 8/RHEL 8 forgot root password

Change forgotten Redhat or centos 8 Password min

CentOS 8 is widely used by users to set up various server environments, thus a strong password is needed. However, somehow, if you forget the root password then the only way to get access to it is by resetting. In this tutorial, we will show …

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