How to Install ClamAV on Rocky Linux | AlmaLinux 9 or 8

Install ClamAV on Rocky Linux 8 or AlmaLinux

ClamAV for Linux is a free and open-source virus scanner that is operated via the command line. Here we will see the process of installing ClamAV  (Clam AntiVirus) on Rocky Linux 8 or AlmaLinux 8. ClamAV anti-virus engine scanner clamd (ClamAV daemon) service can be …

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How to install & Configure Nessus on Ubuntu 20.04

Command to Install Nessus Scanner on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server

In this tutorial, we will learn, the steps to install and configure the Nessus scanner on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server to scan vulnerabilities.  Nessus is a modularly expandable vulnerability scanner that examines various operating systems and servers for a large number of security holes. The …

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How to Install FreeIPA on AlmaLinux or Rocky 8

A tutorial to learn the steps and commands to install FreeIPA on CentOS 8, AlmaLinux, or Rocky Linux 8  Server distros to get a centralized authentication, authorization, and account information system. FreeIPA stands for Free Identity, Policy, Audit and it is an open-source identity management …

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How to disable SELinux on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky

SELINUX Disabled AlmaLinux or Rocky

SELinux stands for Security-Enhanced integrated into RHEL and its based operating system such as CentOS, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux 8 Linux out of the box. It is an extra layer of security or extension of the Linux kernel, which is available in the form of …

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How to install Fail2ban on Debian 10 or 11 Bullseye

Install and configure Fail2ban on Debian 10 11 Linux server min

fail2ban is a package of client, server, and configuration files that uses to protect the system from various malicious attacks. It secures Linux server services against Denial of Service (DoS) as well. Whereas, other basic functions are monitor log files, searches for predefined patterns, and …

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