How to Install Jenkins on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky Linux

Jenkins installed Dashboard on Almalinux or Rocky

Here we’ll see the commands to install Jenkins on RPM-based AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux for building and testing of applications. What is Jenkins?  Jenkins ( fork of the Hudson) is a web-based open source continuous integration server system. It is written in Java and is …

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Install Apache Tomcat on AlmaLinux 8

Install Apache Tomcat on AlmaLinux 8 min

Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server that allows you to run web applications written in Java. Just like the popular Apache web server, Tomcat is also developed and maintained by a free community of developers. requirements 64-bit RHEL Linux Server or the one based …

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What is DirectAdmin web hosting panel?

Dashboard DirectAdmin AlmaLinux

DirectAdmin is a paid online graphical web hosting control panel and management system for virtual hosts. Through this management system, you can easily manage your server, set EMAIL, set DNS, open FTP, online file management, database management, etc. It offers 3 access levels: Admin, Reseller, …

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TeamPass Password Manager installation on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

TeamPass collaborative password manager installation Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

Steps and commands to install TeamPass collaborative Password Manager on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux server or desktop to manage passwords using the browser. What is TeamPass collaborative Password Manager? TeamPass is an open-source web-based password manager that also allows sharing of passwords. It is available …

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How to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on AlmaLinux 8

Apache HTTP server test on AlmaLinux

LAMP is a stack of open-source software to provide a fully functional web server environment for various PHP and other web applications. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python, and here we learn how to install them on CentOS alternative AmlaLinux 8.x server. The basic …

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Steps to install PHP 8 on Debian Server 10 | 9

Command to install PHP 8 on Debian 10 or 11 Linux

Let’s test various web applications by installing PHP 8.0 on Debian 10 Buster or Debian 11 Bullseye Linux server using command line terminal… PHP is a widely used server-side programming language that means it can perform actions on servers such as establishing connections to a …

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