TaskBoard Kanban-inspired app installation on Debian 11 Bullseye

TaskBoard is a very Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things and scheduling applications, which helps people to keep track of their daily important tasks. TaskBoard is free, open-source, PHP-based, and a self-hosted application available for all the Debian 11 users. It comes with a simple but intuitive UI, which helps the user to manage all their tasks and schedule from one place. TaskBoard is massively being used by many teams & organizations around the world to represent work and path of completion. So, yes you can use it as a lightweight project management tool as well.


Steps to Install TaskBoard on Debian 11 Bullseye

In this article, we will be describing how to install the TaskBoard on your Debian 11 Bullseye or 10 Buster system. Here we are assuming you already know a little bit about Linux working and have Debian 11 already installed on your Virtual machine, PC or VPS, or Cloud.  The installation process requires a user with sudo rights.

Now let’s get on with the step-by-step process to install TaskBoard on your Debian 11 OS successfully.

Note: You must have a fully qualified local or public domain name to use Taskboard, it will not able to work properly over a plain IP address, at least in our case.

1: Update the system

First, we have to make sure that your system is running up-to-date, and to do that run the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt upgrade


2. Install  Apache + sqlite3 + PHP on Debian 11

The Apache webserver package is comes included with the Debian repository. Run the command below to install it along with curl, wget, SQLite, and PHP.

Copy the whole given command and paste it into your terminal and then hit the Enter key.

sudo apt-get install curl wget apache2 sqlite3 php libapache2-mod-php php-cli php-common \
php-json php-readline php-sqlite3 libaio1 libapr1 libhtml-template-perl \
libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 libaprutil1-ldap libaprutil1 libdbi-perl \
libterm-readkey-perl libwrap0 php-fpm php-zip php-gd php-mbstring \
php-curl php-xml php-pear php-bcmath


3. Enable Apache Module

Now enable the apache module using and then restart the server.

sudo a2enmod php*
sudo a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
sudo a2enconf php*-fpm
sudo systemctl restart apache2

(optional) Only if you have a UFW firewall on your Debian 11 then it using the following command:

sudo ufw allow 80/tcp 
sudo ufw allow 443/tcp

You are done with installing and configuring the Apache, PHP, and other required dependencies.


4: Download TaskBoard on Debian 11 Bullseye

To download the latest version of TaskBoard we have to browse to the Taskboard official page or simply use the given command to get the latest version of Taskboard directly on your command terminal.

curl -s https://api.github.com/repos/kiswa/TaskBoard/releases/latest\
 |grep browser_download_url | cut -d '"' -f 4 | wget -i -


Now extract the downloaded file and move it WWW directory

sudo unzip TaskBoard_v*.zip -d /var/www/html/taskboard


Now let the Apache user access the files in the www directory, so give its user a full permission :

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/taskboard
sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www/html/taskboard


5: Configuring Apache Virtual host file for Taskboard

Now we will be creating a new virtual host configuration file for TaskBoard. Type in the following command to start:

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/taskboard.conf

Add the following lines in the config file and save once done.

<VirtualHost *:80>

   ServerAdmin [email protected]
   DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/taskboard"
   ServerName your-domian.com
   <Directory "/var/www/html/taskboard">
     Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
     AllowOverride All
     Require all granted

  ErrorLog "/var/log/apache2/taskboard-error_log"
  CustomLog "/var/log/apache2/taskboard-access_log" combined


Note: Don’t forget to replace your-domian.com with the one you want to use in the above code.

To save the file, press Ctrl+O, press the Enter key, and use Ctrl+X to exit the file.


Enable the create site configuration file:

sudo a2ensite taskboard.conf
sudo a2enmod rewrite

Then restart the Apache webserver for the config file to take the effects using

sudo systemctl restart apache2


6: Access Taskboard UI Dashboard

Open any web browser and go to http://your-domian.com/taskboard  or http://your-domian.com according to your setup and you will be automatically redirected to the Taskboard login page which looks like the image below.

Use admin as the username and admin as the password to log into TaskBoard.

Login Taskboard Kanban on Debian 11 Bullseye

7. Taskboard Settings to create a new user or change the password

Taskboard Dashboard Taskboard installation settings Debian 11 bullseye


Wrapping Up

TaskBoard is now installed on your Debian 11 system, you can use it as a personal task organizer, or team management, or even as a project management tool. To learn more about TaskBoard visit their official Page. TaskBoard is also available for Windows devices, so you’ll have no problem with cross-platform connectivity.




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