What is Sourcetree and Bitbucket?

In this article, we discuss quickly and understand what exactly is the difference between Sourcetree and Bitbucket. This helps beginners to start with these two Git tools.

What is SourceTree?

Sourcetree is a software to provide a graphical interfaced Git and Mercurial client to developers for managing source code repositories.

It is a free application developed by Atlassian. Because of GUI, using user-friendly Sourcetree, it becomes easy for developers to manage Git and Mercurial repositories including track changes, and collaborate with other team members for various projects.

We can also integrate popular version control systems in SourceTree such as Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab. This makes Sourcetree a great option to rely on. The app is available for Windows and macOS systems. Unfortunately, SourceTree is not available for Linux systems. Some of you may want to know how to install Git on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux 2

What is SourceTree

Now, if SourceTree is a software to integrate Git repositories then what is Bitbucket?

Just like Github, Bitbucket is also a web-based platform that offers a version control platform for Git-based repositories to host and access them from anywhere. It is also owned by Atlassian.

If you have ever used GitHub then Bitbucket will not be an unfamiliar platform for you. Similar to other version control Git-based platforms, it is also designed for individual or developers teams who need to collaborate and manage their source code repositories online.

Bitbucket users, same as GitHub, will have features like issue tracking, pull requests, code review, and wikis. However, on one hand, GitHub is majorly used by developers to host public source codes, while BitBucket is more utilized by developing teams of Enterprises and businesses for hosting their private codes.

Nevertheless, BitBucket is free for Up to 5 users, offers 3 Integration, and Git large file storage of 1 GB. This helps the team to work on the same project while keeping eye on each change made to project by the each team member.

Furthermore, because of its ability to get integrated with other tools like JIRA, Trello, visual studio code, azure devOps, Jenkins, and Bamboo; BitBucket becomes a great tool for collaboration and project management.

what is BitBucket


Sourcetree is a GUI Git client for PC, as GIT is a command-line tool, hence it is difficult to manage especially by new users. To overcome the hurdles, Sourcetree provides a user-friendly interface between you and Git, no more command line.

Bitbucket is like a hosting platform that brings your code repositories online. So that it becomes easy for your team to access the code from anywhere but with a wide range of features for collaboration and project management.

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