Absolutdata embedded IBM Watson services into their NAVIK AI Platform

Absolutdata, a data analytics firm, today announced that they have embedded IBM Watson services into their NAVIK AI Platform to help companies build an Intelligence Stack across Sales and Marketing functions.

The Watson enhanced NAVIK AI Platform combines data, analytics and technology to optimize decisions on an ongoing basis without having to build a data science team while the NAVIK AI Sales Solution delivers dramatic improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness.

The benefits seen include salesforce effectiveness, customer targeting, campaign management and optimized decision making across industries.

Integrating IBM Watson with Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI platform and services allows clients to utilize analytical frameworks and natural language processing to mine existing sales data. As a result, clients are better poised to identify hidden revenue streams, run hyper-personalized campaigns at scale and derive deeper business insights, compared to traditional methods of resource-based analytics and model development.

This will help businesses enhance productivity, eliminate manual intervention and access huge data sets in real time, which was not possible earlier.

Following a phased approach, Absolutdata has incorporated IBM Watson into NAVIK SalesAI, NAVIK Marketing AI, NAVIK Research AI and NAVIK MicroMods, with others under development. Absolutdata is also using other IBM services such as Weather to enhance effectiveness in certain modules.

One of the world’s largest dairy companies is using NAVIK integrated with IBM Watson, to mine consumer insights and drive quick marketing decisions about the brand, campaigns and pricing. The brand’s marketing team can classify and generate automated insights from both structured and unstructured data rendered real-time across mobile devices and the web, reducing decision lead time from weeks to seconds with over 99 percent uptime.