Apple iTunes desktop client finally available for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

Apple iTunes desktop client app, after waiting for a long time, now finally available on Microsoft store for Windows 10. The app is free to download and same as the iTunes app which you download for Windows externally.

Those users already have installed the version doesn’t need to install it again. Alos, it is not a Univeral Windows platform complaint app.

It is also a good news for the Windows S OS users, which is basically a year old locked & stripped down version of the standard Windows 10 OS that only allow installing the applications from the Microsoft store. Now, if the Windows S users want to install the Apple iTunes app they can use the Microsoft store.

However, it is not something great for the standard Windows 10 users because they already using the iTunes app for ages. This also to note, if you already have the installed iTunes then the store version will remove your older installation.

Apple iTunes desktop client for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Sore Link to download Apple iTunes app.