Belkin introduces 10,000mAh Powerbank at ₹ 3999

Belkin announced portable power bank which is available in two options, one is 5000mAh and the other is the 10000mAh. The color of both is black. According to Belkin, the power banks can easily enable the consumers to stay connected and charged all day.

Belkin – Power Pack2

Also, this Pocket Power features fast-charging capability and uses polymer battery cell technology for long life.  Furthermore, it has built-in safety features to protect the device and the consumer, Micro-USB port, 6” micro-USB cable included in the box, and 4 LED indicators to display the remaining power level.

Belkin – Power Bank1

“With the smartphone becoming even more essential in people’s lives, not just as a means of communication, but as a camera, music player, navigation system, and Internet-access device, preventing low battery on-the-go is even more important for consumers,” said Marco Peters, vice president of product management.

Benefits of the Power bank claimed by the Belkin.

# of times it will charge an iPhone 7 Additional hours of call time Additional hours of web browsing Total output Multi-port
5,000mAh 1.5x 19+ hours 11+ hours 2.4A N/A
10,000mAh Up to 3x 25+ hours 21+ hours 3.4A Yes

It will be available for purchase from later this summer for 5,000mAh – Rs. 2599/- and 10,000mAh – Rs. 3999/- at and Imagine Stores.