BRIX Launches Universal Wireless Laser Pointer Presenter

User can operate the slides and use its red pointer up to a distance of 50 feet, allowing the presenter to move around freely and while interacting with the audience.

Press release: BRIX, a leading provider of computer peripherals, today announced the launch of its BRIX Universal Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter. The plug and play maser presenter supports Full Screen, Back Screen, Page up, Page down and a sharp red pointer for presentations. With its secure and reliable performance through a compact USB receiver, the presenter can be used from a distance of upto 50- feet for quick slide changes, while interacting with the audience.

“The plug-and-play Wireless Technology of rf 2.4 GHz is very well designed with inbuilt laser feature which helps the users to point the keypoints in the presentation”said Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO, BRIX. “We at BRIX always strive for best and keep adding improvements to meet the market demand and this wireless presenter is for Teachers, students, Professionals to highlight the keypoints during the presentation.”

Its ergonomic design makes the user comfortable holding in hand. The plug and play wireless presenter has bright red laser light which easily helps to see against various backgrounds to highlight the points during presentations. BRIX wireless presenter is crafted with scientific ergonomic design, Abs plastics with key groove for easy finger touch.


BRIX Universal Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter.
BRIX Universal Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter.

The product is widely compatible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACD See, iWork, Website etc. It also removes the headache of downloading the software as slideshow clicker built-in docking bay stores receiver for easy pack up and portability. Additionally, BRIX Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter comes with the USB slot under the back cover which decrease the hassle to keep the USB.

Price, Availability, and Warranty.

BRIX Wireless Remote red Laser Presenter comes with an MRP of Rs. 669/ – carrying a warranty of as per Amazon policy.