Can we drink the toilet water? May be from Bill gates waterless toilet

“Technology changes our lives” is the most appropriate word to describe today’s era. AI technology brings us too much convenience, driverless technology, robot service, robotic cleaning… Of course, not only convenience but more. It is to focus on the sustainable development of resources, but in the continuous development, can you imagine the water in the toilet can drink?

Bill gates Nano membrane toilets waterless

Bill gates Nano-membrane waterless toilet

Now that such a toilet is available, Bill Gates has developed a waterless toilet. This toilet, called Nano Membrane Toilet, does not require flushing and is easy to use. It is likely to become an important part of the future health field.

water in the toilet can actually drink

Water in the toilet can actually drink

Inside the toilet, there are many nanofibers. Some of the liquid waste is stored in vertical pipes behind the toilet. They help remove water vapor. And the water passes through specially designed beads that will condense the steam into real water, in the tank in front of the toilet. As for solid waste, the battery-driven mechanism cleans the toilet out of the toilet, enters a separate container, and is smeared with odor-suppressing wax there for drying. Such a toilet can be used by 10 people per day, and the cost per user per day does not exceed US$0.05.

Bill gates tricked jimmy fallon to drink toilet water

Bill Gates tricked Jimmy Fallon to drink toilet water

Waterless toilets have already been put into trial operation in African countries. In order to support this project, Gates not only drank a glass of purified water but also “photographed” photos on his blog. The video at the time showed that Gates was hesitant at first, but smiled after taking a sip and said: “The taste is not worse than any bottled water.”



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