Common Windows 11 questions and answers- FAQ

When Microsoft has launched Windows 10 they said it will be the last Windows version and from now onwards it will be a rolling update OS that receives constant updates. Well, now it is clear with new hardware a new upgraded version is needed, thus here is the Windows 11, a successor with its own version number.

Well, yet there is no official webpage to download Windows 11 preview version while the time we were writing this article. However, a leaked ISO preview version of Win 11 is already been circulated over the internet and many users have already experienced it over a Virtual machine or physical PC.  Where those who are interested in upgrading Windows 10 to 11 can take a compatibility check using the Microsoft launched a tool called “PC health check tool” that checks its own system for compatibility with Windows 11 – but based on a recommended system configuration, not the minimum requirements.

Nevertheless, with the announcement of this new operating system, many questions have erupted and here we have tried to answer some common ones about Windows 11. Let’s have look.

Windows 11 Frequently asked questions

When will Windows 11 available?

As per the rumors the common user would get the stable version of Windows 11 in October 2021. However, it still unclear whether it will be a public release or initially limited to participants in the Windows Insider Program.  Whereas an upgrade option publicly for all existing Windows versions to the new Windows 11 should be available in early 2022.


What are the Windows 11 system requirements?

To install and properly run Windows 11, the PC or laptop hardware must have at least 1 GHz dual-core CPU,  4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage space, a display with minimum 720p resolution, and a TPM 2.0 security module. To ensure the user’s system meets these criteria, Microsoft also provides a Health Check app that checks its own system for compatibility with Windows 11. One thing that needs to understand here, this tool benchmarks the system on the recommended configuration not minimal. For example, a system with TPM 1.2 can run Windows 11 but the app will analyze it for TPM 2.0, hence will display as incompatible.


Will Windows 10 users get Windows 11 upgrade for free?

Yes, all the Windows 10 systems as per Microsoft that meet the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11 operating system are eligible for getting free of charge upgrade to Windows 11. This upgrading process is slated to available to users from the beginning of 2022.


Can Windows 11 run Android apps without any emulator?

Well, we won’t have a Google play store, instead, there is an integration of the Amazon apps store in addition to the Windows store. And that will let the users install and run Android apps under Windows 11.


Can you install Windows 11 without a TPM?

Yes, there is a trick to bypass TPM security module detection in the Windows 11 preview version. For that, the users need to copy a file called appraiserres.dll from Windows 10 ISO available under the source folder. And they need to paste and replace the same file (appraiserres.dll) in the Windows 11 ISO. In this way, the users can install Windows 11 without TPM. However, there is no surety whether this trick will also work in the future when we have public Windows 11 versions.


How do I find out which TPM version I have?

On your current Windows 10/8/7 operating system, open the RUN box by pressing Win Key + R. And in the box type  tpm.msc to open the TPM management. There you will find information about the TPM support of your system. See: How to check whether your system supports TPM 2.0 or not


What will be the price of Windows 11?

The price to get a retail copy once the Windows 11 will launch is yet not revealed by the company. However, existing Windows users will get the Windows 11 free of charge.


Will there be a technical preview for Windows 11?

The technical preview of Windows 11 is expected to be available online for download from June 28, 2021. Of course, the final release features will be different from the preview.


Can we use the classic left-side start menu style on Windows 11?

Yes, there is an option to move the Windows 11 start menu from the center to the left side using the taskbar settings.  See: How to Move Windows 11 Start menu to the left side 


In how many editions will Windows 11 available?

Just like Windows 10, Windows 11 is available in Home, Pro, Education, and workstation editions.


As Windows 11 is here when Windows 10 support will end?

Support for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education is due to expire on October 14, 2025. If you want to receive updates after that, you have to switch to Windows 11 by then.