Corning Gorilla Glass DX/DX+ released to improve the wearable visibility

Recently, Corning released the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass, which has greatly improved performances such as anti-drop and anti-scratch. It also very friendly to the touch, wireless charging and fingerprint recognition. It is suitable for large and medium-sized display devices.

At the same time, Corning also released Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX+ for wearable devices. It uses a new glass composite material with anti-reflection properties, which can greatly improve optical clarity and scratch resistance. It also inherits Gorilla Glass qualities such as toughness and touch sensitivity.

As an upgrade to the Gorilla Glass SR+, the Gorilla Glass DX/DX+ can be combined with Corning’s other Gorilla Glass products and is currently used primarily for wearable mobile devices, but will also be suitable for larger sizes in the future.

Corning Gorilla Glass DX DX+

Corning releases Gorilla Glass DX/DX+: wearables are clearly visible in the sun. Corning said that over the past seven years, more than 85,000 consumers have conducted research and found that the readability in the sun is one of the attributes that users most want to have in the cover glass.

To this end, the Gorilla Glass DX/DX+ focuses on enhancing the visibility of the device display, which improves the anti-reflection of the front surface of ordinary glass by 75%, and the contrast exceeds 50% when the brightness of the display is consistent, and the improvement of optical clarity also helps to extend the life of the device.

In order to resist collision and scratching, Gorilla Glass DX inherits the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass. At present, more than 45 mainstream brands and more than 6 billion devices use Corning Gorilla Glass.


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