Corning Introduces Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for better protection

Corning recently announced the latest version of their protection glass which is Corning Gorilla Glass 6. According to the company, it can provide protection against multiple drops much efficiently than before.

In a recent press release, the company said that the latest consumer study from the Toluna revealed that on an average, people drop their phones seven times in a year and around 50% drop occurs from the height of 1 meter or below.

So, to improve the strength of the Corning Gorilla Glass the Scienties has developed a new material which can challenge multiple drops. And on average in the lab test of the Corning, the Gorilla Glass 6 has survived the 15 drops from the 1 meter of height on a rough surface which twice better than the previous Gorilla Glass 5 and also difficult for the soda lime and aluminosilicate composition glass to bear, said by the company.


“As consumers become more dependent on their smartphones, the opportunity for potentially damaging drops is also on the rise. Now more than ever, it’s critical the cover glass provides outstanding protection,” said John Bayne, vice president and general manager, Corning Gorilla Glass. “Corning Gorilla Glass 6 improves upon Gorilla® Glass 5 by surviving drops from higher heights, but, more importantly, has been engineered to survive multiple drops.”


Looking at the trend of larger screen area with thin bezels, the Gorilla Glass 6 gives an extra protection layer and also optical clarity, touch sensitivity, scratch resistance, and efficient wireless charging support.

“In addition to addressing drop height and drop frequency, Gorilla Glass 6 was also developed to meet the requirements of modern designs that use glass for more than 85 percent of the enclosure. With both its aesthetic and performance advantages, glass is on the right side of the technology curve and will continue to be the material of choice for mobile consumer electronics,” said Scott Forester, division vice president, Marketing and Innovation Products.


Infographics by Corning

GG6 Infographic on global phone drop 

GG6 Inforgraphic global v11

Corning Infographics on Developing markets are embracing the Digital Life.

GG6 Emerging Markets infographic v4


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