Coronavirus might become a reason for the delayed launch of Xbox Series X & PS5

The next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft were listed to launch at the end of this year but the threat of Coronavirus could be the reason for the change of plans due to some circumstances.

China is the reported source of Coronavirus that has ended the life of many people and the infected virus is spreading very fast across the whole country of China as well as other parts of the world. China is the country where the console hardware is produced are facing difficulty to continue the production work as the manufacturing sector of this zone is heavily effected by Coronavirus.

It is confirmed by Nintendo that the Animal Crossing themed Switch production will be delayed along with other Nintendo accessories just because of that tough situation. As the gaming industry is already facing many effects from the virus thus changing many plans for future endeavours. So the expected launch date or period of the next-gen consoles is not safe from getting delayed as well.

A statement made by Jefferies Group financial services company that the investors should keep in mind of the possibility of a delayed releasing date of next-gen consoles. They elaborated the situation as the sector of gaming is on a course of manufacturing or starting to build the products for the next generation to be launched at the holiday season of 2020. That might make an impact for years to come. But the ongoing shutdown of the manufacturing sector would bring uncertainty on the scheduled game releases and in the supply of the new consoles if it exceeds more than a month.

China is the heart of western gaming in terms of the art creation which is done around 30-50% and also responsible for manufacturing nearly every hardware products to offer in gaming.

But the news is not confirmed yet regarding the delays of both consoles and the other scheduled games as the report is just a speculation which is very much a possibility if the situation stays like this for a large period of time. Only Sony and Microsoft can give us the actual update in that matter to enlighten the fans about the future of gaming.

Right now the Coronavirus is a major concern in the whole world as many sectors and events are being affected or cancelled for the fear of infection. So just hope for the best and pray for a healthy solution to fight the virus and the situation to get back to normal mode.