CoSoSys introduces Device Control software to protect sensitive data

CoSoSys, a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions provider recently has announced the availability of its security software called Device Control.

The Device control security solution has developed by the CoSoSys for all kind of industries. It is available as Hardware and Virtual Appliance or cloud infrastructure.

Now what exactly the Device Control does? As its name suggests, it can locks down, monitors and manages different removable devices to thwart the data loss and data left kind of quandary. The example of some of the device it can monitor and manager are USB storage devices, printers, and ports like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more…

CoSoSys introduces Device Control software to protect sensitive data

While launching the solution, the company said, the USB flash drives and other portable USB devices, although harmless at a first glance but one of the major items those can cause a high level of damage to any business.

By managing them centrally using the Device Control module gives an admin full control of the USB ports and connected storage devices. It monitors all USB ports and devices on all endpoints and blocks unauthorized device use or enforce data encryption.

It can send email reports and alerts regarding endpoints plus prevents data loss and data leaks, while protecting the endpoints against the spread of USB malware, Bad USB attacks or viruses.


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