During COVID19 crisis, IceWarp offers 3 months Free Video Conferencing Solution

The current Coronavirus outbreak is affecting every existing industry, today, where social distancing has become necessary, WFH is playing an important role in such an adverse situation. It allows us to do our part in bringing the pandemic to a halt. At IceWarp, we all wish to make remote work as painless as possible. Keeping this in mind IceWarp has unlocked its video conferencing solution for everyone regardless of their license setup, all to help a hassle-free communication in the time of crisis. The features are free of charge for a period of three months which would end on June 18, 2020.

IceWarp has extended its support to the Public, offering Face-to-face Conference Calls available for everyone, to enable mobile workforce during the COVID19 crisis. The beta version will help organizations and teams to collaborate and stay productive, it supports up to 20 video call participants and audio calls are unlimited. The service is free of cost to anyone irrespective of whether they are IceWarp’s Customer or not, it is very simple to use one just need to follow the simple steps.

To use the solution the user has to visit https://www.icewarp.co.in/conferencing using Chrome browser recommended by the Icewarp.

Copy and send the URL to whom you want to start eh Video conferencing.

IceWarp offers 3 months Free Video Conferencing Solution

Apart from this, the name of the room is assigned automatically; the attendees join anonymously but can choose a name on the call, however, it is not possible to schedule video calls in advance.

This three months free solution offering supports up to 20 video call participants, audio calls are unlimited but recording is not available in this version.


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