Facebook does away with “You are now connected on messenger” notifications.

Are you also sick of being bombarded with the utterly useless notifications of “You are now connected on messenger”? Have you also faced the embarrassment of sending a message to someone just because you saw this notification and thought that they probably want to chat with you? Well, you are not alone. Many Facebook users all over the globe were facing similar issues due to this irrelevant tactic of Facebook.

Facebook messanger you ar now connected ends

The growing resentment of users has lately made Facebook feel guilty for its shameful growth tactic. In a recent interview, A Facebook spokesperson commented that the company had found many users who do find that notification useful. So, doing away with them altogether won’t be a smart move. Instead, to enrich the experience of users on this platform, Facebook is now aiming to employ AI to send fewer notifications to those who don’t enjoy them and find them useful. Facebook has always been supportive of the suggestions from the public that keep pouring in. It has ever tried to include the interests of the general masses in all its ventures, and the aim is always to improve the products with each passing day and make them more suited to the needs of the society.

If you are one of those who never takes the burden of opening that notification, Facebook has good news for you. Messenger might skip sending some of these notifications to you, and you will have a lesser burden of unread messages in your inbox.

Messenger allows you to connect with people who are not connected with you on Facebook. You can even use the mobile number of your friends to communicate with them via messenger. In such situations, these notifications might be useful when you connect with your friends on the Messenger app. This way the number of people who are now relenting joining Facebook messenger due to the constant prompts by the company to do so will fall at an impressive rate. Moreover, such notifications are pretty useless. When you connect with someone on Facebook, it is evident that the person is connected with you on Messenger as well. Thus, annoying a user with such notifications doesn’t serve a purpose.

If you want to grab the organisation’s collar and get it to pay attention to the real issues at hand rather than employing useless growth tactics and intrusive behavior, you ought to set the terms very straight as a community. If you don’t like these notifications, stop opening them in the first place. Don’t participate in this growth tactic and send a clear message to Facebook that you don’t want more of these. You can also employ this strategy when it comes to other notifications like how many friends of yours posted recently or how many people are “missing” you on Facebook just because you were too busy with your lie and didn’t have the time to log into a social media platform. Stop opening these notifications and stop encouraging these growth tactics altogether.