Facebook Terragraph service may bring 100% Wi-Fi penetration

Facebook recently said it has enlisted Qualcomm to start the latest Gigabit Wi-Fi project. The announcement for this project was not made recently. It was announced in the Facebook developer conference 2016. The service will be helpful in a wide variety of regions. It will reach both rural and urban areas with weak connectivity.

The technology ‘Terragraph’ will likely open a number of opportunities. It will allow the router manufacturers to increase data sending frequency to 60 GHz. It will be useful to send and receive data at 7 Gigabytes per second. That will surely change the wireless networking scenario. But Facebook hasn’t made any official confirmations about its launch. The trials though are all set to begin in mid-2019.

Facebook Terragraph service may bring 100% Wi-Fi penetration

Facebook’s Terragraph Network- Image source PCworld

Using frequency as high as 60 GHz has its own upsides. It will keep away interference. It can even send and receive data to and from long distances. There are numerous users living in dense areas. Terragraph even has a solution for those users living in buildings with multiple floors. The Terragraph system can be attached at the top of a building. It can then offer internet inside a building through an Ethernet network.

Facebook said it will be one of the best low-cost solutions to offer Wi-Fi in all the areas and has the potential to offer 100% connectivity. How it will work in real world, is yet to be seen. What do you think about the Facebook Terragraph service?


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