FiiO BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier with MIC Now Available in India

Now you can amplify your wireless audio signals without losing and compromising the quality with the help of recently announced FiiO BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier. The FiiO BRT1 Bluetooth amplifier prices at INR 3990 in India.

The company said they have designed the FiiO to full fill the high demand for quality music. The design of FiiO BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier is very clean, the back side has the FiiO logo, the left side space is used for volume up and down. At the front side, it has a single button which can be used for multiple purposes such as turn on/off the amp, play/pause, Bluetooth device pairing, answer/hang up the phone, and to activate the EQ. It has an aluminum body with metal clip at the back to hook it anywhere you want.

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FiiO BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier


As the new trend which seems in the smartphone is the drop of traditional 3.5mm headphone jack due to bezel-less display. And this trend pushing the market of Bluetooth amps and headphones. However, ordinary Bluetooth devices won’t able to satisfy the high-quality sound demands and in such situations, BTR1 type Bluetooth amplifier comes into the existence.

The BTR1 uses the high performance AK4376 DAC chip for giving better decoding capabilities, output power and signal to noise ratio. The maximum decoding capability of this chip is 384 kHz/32 bit audio, the output power is 25mW, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  is -106dB and channel separation is up to 100db.



BTR1 DAC and aptX Bluetooth amplifier interna view


To provide audio real-time streaming of lossy audio with the CD-like high audio quality the Fiio Bluetooth amplifier also support the aptX Bluetooth codec. The Fiio BTR1 uses the Bluetooth chip- CSRA64215 and version 4.2 which can provide the transmission distance of 10m as well as the SBC, AAC and aptX audio formats. Due to the A2DP and aptX, the BRT can support voice call with its built-in omnidirectional microphone.

FiiO BTR1 DAC + aptX Bluetooth Amplifier With Mic & Control

The BRT1 Bluetooth amp also has 3.5mm jack support which simply connects your audio output 3.5mm cable to the BTR1 and enjoys the great quality wireless music. Even the Android and iOS both can connect wirelessly with the BRT1,  it also supports TRS and TRRS CTIA headphones.


The built-in battery of BRT1 is of 205 mAh which is rechargeable lithium-ion and can be fully charged in just 2 hours as claimed by the company. They FiiO also mentioned that the BRT1 amplifier can continuously work more than 8 hours on a battery.


Note: The above features and benefits are the FiiO’s inputs and H2S Media haven’t tested the quality of the product.


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