Amazon GO: Future Amazon’s Automated grocery store Opens in the US opens its first automated grocery store in the US on 22nd Jan publicly after a testing of more than a year. According to Amazon this latest hi-tech future retail store will definitely alter the alter brick-and-mortar retail stores, dramatically. This future store is going to be opened in Seattle (US) and known as Amazon Go.

It located in the Amazon office building in the area of 1800-square-foot (167-square-meter) and to shop the customers must scan an Amazon Go smartphone app and pass through a gated turnstile. The company didn’t reveal right now when they will add more stores in other locations of the country.

Amazon GO Future Amazon Automated grocery store

How does the Amazon Go work?

The Amazon Go uses sensors and camera to track the customer behavior, for example, what they have picked up from the shelves and what they have put back. The checkout counter and cash register are not required because the bill payment will automatically be charged from the filed credit card when a customer leaves the store. This type of future stores helps eradicate the long lines of big stores waiting for checkouts.

If someone picked some product and then put it back on the shelf he/she is not going to be charged for that and Amazon removes it from his or her virtual cart. But if the person through the turnstile gate with that product, it will charge automatically.

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