Google killing Play Music. Is YouTube Remix the new alternative? Let’s find out

There is hardly anybody, who doesn’t love to play music online and watch YouTube videos in their off time. In a move to offer a better experience of watching videos and listening to music, the search giant Google recently integrated the Podcast player with the search results. Sounds good! In a recent report by DroidLife, the company is likely to ditch the Google Play Music app. Google Play Music is a music platform offered by Google, where a user can purchase songs, or can even use it as a music player to listen to songs, available on the local phone storage. Google Play Music is even the default music player app, on most Android devices, as well.

Google killing Play Music.

Dumping the Google Play Music app will be one of the biggest leap by Google in the last few years. Those users, thinking what will happen after Google Play Music is shut down, Google has already started working on the Google Play Music alternative, which will be even better than the old one, in many ways. Why better! I will be discussing that at the end of the article. But, if you have purchased your favorite songs on the Google Play Music platform, they will be safe, and you can even use them with the new platform, as the speculations suggest.

Google is planning to introduce YouTube Remix, which will also be a music subscription platform, which will make the service as good as, or even better than Apple Music or Spotify, two of the best music subscription platforms available, the second being not available in India.  There aren’t many details about the new YouTube Remix platform, but the existence of it, and the confirmation of the fact, it is under development, is known from the YouTube Music’s global head Lyor Cohen. The company is even making a lot of investment to make the service the best one of its class.

Thus, if you want to know, is Google Play Music app is shutting down, it is indeed true, but a better alternative is coming. If you are waiting for the platform, it is likely to be available for the users by the end of the year. Though, you shouldn’t standby or stop subscribing to Google Play Music, or stop Google Play Music sign up, as the Google Play Music subscriptions will likely be available in the new app, as well.

Why better! Google says the new platform will generate music suggestions depending upon the user’s location, the time of the day, and many other aspects. Thus, if you love listening to music, at the time of working out, or while driving, the new service will do the task of recommending the most appropriate playlists, according to your requirements. Isn’t that cool! More details about the service and its launch will likely be available in Google IO 2018 in the month of May.

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