Google News with WordPress invested $1.2 million to create Newspack

Google News with WordPress invested $1.2 million to create Newspack

Google again has taken an additional step to enhance the experience of the users plus the Journalists those don’t want to go through the tedious job of learning high and lows of CMSs.

As per the recently published Google blog in which they mentioned that in today’s world where most of the local newspapers facing difficulties and keep shunting their employees due to revenue which directly creates the scarcity of the news coverages. In such scenario jobless reporters, those trying to start their own digital news publication faced technical difficulties and business problems. Which is doesn’t make sense; also the reporter with great knowledge could be wasted too.

So as I said, the main motto of Google behind this is, the Journalists should focus only on writing stories and covering their communities, not configuring and designing CMSs.

In the direction of the same to solve the technical problems of the local news reporters; Google has partnered with top CMS provider WordPress/Automattic to handle this job with an investment 0f $1.2 million to create a NewsPack. According the news broke on the Google blog this platform will be tailored especially for low-cost publishing system to provide a fast and secure environment.

Furthermore, the  Lenfest Institute for Journalism, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Civil Media also collectively contributing another $1 million to this project.

The Newspack project takes another step—following on our Google News Initiative Cloud Program and GNI/YouTube innovation funding—towards our goal of local news sustainability by providing critical pieces of technology at high quality and low cost. We like to call it “an opinionated CMS:” it knows the right thing to do, even when you don’t.

The Newspack publishing CMS will support all the existing WordPress plugins and its development will begin in the coming weeks and available to publisher at the end of 2019.

Source: Google Blog

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