Google released Bazel 1.0 LTS build system tool

Google on its blog has announced the latest version availability of its one of the opensource tool called Bazel which was earler in o.x version and finally got the stable upgrade Bazel 1.0. It is a free build system building tool designed to support various kinds of platforms and programming languages.

Initially, the Bazel was developed by Google to use for in-house projects but later in 2015 released under the Apache license that makes it free for everyone to use and develop further.

As per Google’s blog, they have the vision to develop Bazel with the utter level of stability; its builds are fast and correct. It supports multiple languages, platforms build and test. A developer can use its single command to test whole source code.  Furthermore, Bazel provides uniform extension language, Starlark; Linux, macOS, and Windows support and allows builds to scale.

Google released Bazel 1.0 LTS build system tool

The latest Bazel 1.0 version features semantic versioning that promises next Bezel version, for example, 1.x will have backwards compatibility with 1.0. Between the major Bazel latest version release, there will be a three months gap while minor patches and updates will be available every month.

Furthermore, the Long term version will also be released by the Google of Bazel to stringent the trust and reliability of users on this tool.

Moreover, the new Bazle 1.0 includes end-to-end support for remote execution, caching, standard package managers and third-party dependencies.

If you want to know about its installation process you can see the tutorial: how to install it on CentOS 7 or 8.

To know more about Bazel 1.o, see Google’s official blog.



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